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  1. That makes it easier to understand what the suggestion was for sure, thanks Joseph. In that case yes mounting it evenly makes a lot of sense, but may I suggest for clarity moving forward, if you want something like that nice and clear for everyone and easier for the DO office when doing approvals, that we consider updating the CRL wording so it is apparent. You have two conundrums here with the knee pack. If you want the center box aligned with the cover strip, you may well not be able to have the rivets even due to the make of armour and or the size of the trooper if they are trimmi
  2. I would also mention that a suggestion is only ever just that, a suggestion. If it is not in the CRL, then it can not be enforced as a knock back, only a suggestion towards more accuracy and there fore in cases where it is difficult to correct, you would simply leave it be. I too could not find any mention of the knee pack adjustment in Max's EI approval, so am interested to know where this advice originated.
  3. Wow these are great. One thing to remember, as this will be a coin for the year, a gold version will be made and numbered for the new Expert Infantry coin, so what ever the design, they will be getting something special.
  4. Welcome aboard Richard! Glen has posted some good threads to get your teeth into, but certainly feel free to ask loads of questions, we are here to help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. All your links are broken for some reason Paul. That fixed it, thank you.
  6. Aiden, have you started any of your kit yet? Don't despair, none of us had built armour when we started out in this hobby. Building armour it is a skill you very quickly acquire once you start, and trust me, it is not as daunting as it may seem to you at this present moment. Post up a photo of your kit first, then choose a piece that you think might be easier to start on, post up a photo of that, and we will guide you through the process. You are not in this alone and I promise you, your confidence will indeed grow once you make your first move. You can do it, I have every
  7. Very clean job of the helmet so far, looking forward to seeing the progress.
  8. FISD 15th Anniversary Coin Design Contest OPEN Attention all members with serious design skills, here is your opportunity to step up to the plate and exercise your talent. This is FISD's 15th anniversary year come July, and your design could be the one chosen to commemorate this fantastic occasion. The winning entry will be made into the detachments celebratory coin marking the milestone in true FISD fashion. The coin design is first and foremost but we are also considering running a patch if the design translates well or is a good accompaniment the
  9. Very nice shots of your armour Grave, only some small areas that Glen pointed out could make you look the best you can. Good luck with your approval sir.
  10. Sorry to derail, but Wook your new Avitar looks sensational!
  11. Here you are Chad now with 501st access, welcome to the expanded forums
  12. I have also seen Velcro used as a strap from top to bottom running vertically over the top of the units for additional security/stability if you didn't want to glue angle brackets on the inside.
  13. Coming along beautifully Dan, nice work.
  14. Fully loaded and ready for deployment by the looks.
  15. Hi Alex and welcome to FISD. Glad you are making the steps to become a member of the best detachment in the legion, although I may be a little biased. One thing you will never fall short on is the amount of support you will get from this community, we live for troopers helping troopers. Good luck on your journey and i look forward to seeing your build thread.
  16. Congratulations on you approval Chad and welcome to FISD
  17. Yep have had this problem. Actually on any of the posts with photo bucket, if you copy some of the links in then save, it kills any you haven't updated and leaves the link. happened to me twice and had to go back and delete the links.
  18. Long time coming this one, glad you are at the pointy end of this journey now. You look fantastic!
  19. Cool TX, we don't see many around here. Looking forward to following your build progress.
  20. Fun article on Screenrant today, check it out in the link below. https://screenrant.com/star-wars-empire-imperial-stormtroopers-clones-replace-when/
  21. I would also be in for a set please good sir.
  22. I think if anyone wants to add these after an approval is not a problem. If it's not in the CRL you are going to freak out GML's all over the world Most applicants take photos with blasters even for basic where the blaster is not required but I can imagine the questions because many are accustomed to the E-11. I also think you can charge a couple of bucks to cover your costs plus postage Joseph.
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