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  1. And I can vouche that there are people on ebay claim to be members of the 501st... I got armor from one when I first started (maker of things). It was not very good quality and I've seen others warning about buying from him. I was also one of the many victims of one of the "approved venders" who also has (or had) official licencing. Now this vender has multiple lawsuits because they make promises but don't deliver (literally for years)... Research the vendor!
  2. As I recall, he claims to be using one of the original ANH suits from the movie (unsure how true it is). The armor itself was kinda thin and really 'rough'... Reminded me of those cheap kids masks... Only like double or triple the thickness. I was told I might get away with making it into a Sandy. The guy also claims to be a member of the 501st...
  3. My initial suit was from this guy... My Garrison wanted nothing to do with this guys work. I messaged him (wasn't even asking for a refund) and he was a jerk... Now I spread the word about this guy!! I still haven't touched the suit, but am thinking of putting it on a mannequin.
  4. Yes... We've established the overall length of the thermal detonator. We are talking about the thermal detonator CLIPS and how much length the straight part of the clips are before the bend. Thanks though.
  5. I'm not sure there is a length. I'm hoping to be finishing up and getting my approval pics taken soon (did my pre approval, so I assume mine wasn't an issue since that wasn't an issue). Mine are 90mm before the bend (part going behind the belt). I'm still learning a lot myself every time I turn around, so take it for what it is worth...
  6. I'm interested, too, since I bought one. My suit is stunt though (hopefully almost ready for approval)...
  7. I was under the impression months ago (before this post started- surprised it hasn't been mentioned) that Hyperfirm shut down...
  8. I personally will never buy Anovos', especially pre-orders due to a bad experience (ignored my emails and were months past due on my order. It took about 3 months instead of the supposed 10 days for my refund) and reading about so many others with complaints. I just pre-ordered a kids TK kit from Walt's (they have awesome customer service!!). The price was around 3/4 the price I paid from my adult kit. But that's just the hard shell... A TIE pilot has a lot less hard shell... Send them a message on Facebook for prices. They usually get back with you the next day at the latest (usually minutes)
  9. The link is gone. Went to Joannes today but they dont have a lot people have listed in the past. Its new/different stuff now.
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