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  1. Congratulations and welcome to the ranks trooper
  2. Congratulations and welcome to the EI ranks trooper
  3. No real surprises there. Just a couple of really nitpicky items Looks like your ab / belt are on an angle, lower on your left side, may be able to straighten with adjusting strapping Remove any loose thread from belt, you can see some between your ab and kidney Belt could come down at the back it's quite high TD could come down a little, you can see the clamps are not quite hitting the top of the belt The ab/kidney plates should not overlap You could also try to get your right back shoulder strap to sit down against the back plate. As I say these are really nitpicky details but something to watch out for for higher levels Good luck with approval
  4. ANH (Stunt and Hero) Page 20 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 19 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 18 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 17 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 16 Complete gmrhodes13
  5. Hello and welcome aboard, good luck with the build
  6. Hello and welcome to the forum Many of us use an online fee image host for photos, upload then copy the "direct link" straight into your post, here is a tutorial. The images you have are from the visual dictionaries, various issues, well before Rogue One was ever envisioned, it's an artists impression of the inside of the helmet not true to screen accuracy, we have a member who created 3d files for those pieces. The blueprint is another artists impression so both could be very different. Here are a few other versions of that particular image. One from a members build The versions of vents cut out would only be for Rogue One, Mandalorian, Solo Stormtroopers, all others (RS included) use decals/stickers. You can add what ever you want (space permitted) inside the helmets, some use hearing assist, wifi/bluetooth mic, fans and so on as long as it doesn't change the outside appearance. If you head over to the RPF you will find a lot of "reveal" helmet versions there Here is another
  7. I came up with a V tab bracket system which helps pull in the butt plate. With a heat gun (or oven) you bend strips of ABS plastic into the shape of a V, only glue the butt plate side and the other remains free to allow movement when you bend. Just helps stop the butt plate from pushing back from the back plate.
  8. I have some room in mine and I added some foam as my forearms are pretty thin. You will hopefully find once you have gloves on and your gaskets the gaps will reduce. If you do want to downsize I have seen a few cut the sides, reduce the width, add strip of ABS behind then fill the seam with bondo (automotive filler) but I would definitely wait until you have other parts assembled and check the full look for sizing.
  9. ANH (Stunt and Hero) Page 25 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 24 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 23 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 22 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 21 Complete gmrhodes13
  10. Correct the handles are both quite different. Here are the two reference areas for OT and RO blasters, you will find the RO thread will mention quite a few differences.
  11. Looks pretty good to me, you could go further if you want but screen helmets had bigger gaps. Adding a step to the top of the ear helps them come in closer. How to here You can countersink the screws slightly for a nice flat appearance. Nice work
  12. Nice work, a couple of things you could adjust Belt is very low on the front, you may also notice on your left front some frayed thread from your belt Looks like you may have trimmed a little too much from between your teeth, this may be picked up at higher levels, only way to fix would be add some ABS paste to these, sand and polish. Vocoder sides are a little high too. Also when taking photos it is best not to do these in full sunlight, a well lit area inside with a contrasting background works best, your GWL will thank you for it, makes editing your photos for membership profile so much easier. Good luck with approval
  13. Working now, must have been only affecting mobile as working on computer
  14. Hello and welcome, looking forward to seeing your progress. Your images aren't showing for me, perhaps use an online image host such as Imgur, a how to thread is here Good luck with the build
  15. I moved my belt rivets (or snaps in my case), I did sew a small amount of fabric over each of the old holes as well just to make sure the snaps never pulled through being very close to the original hole. A few other references
  16. It's pretty common and happens to a lot of builds because of the angle of the kidney the belt wants to ride higher which drops the belt on the front. If you wear the belt looser I think you will find the butt plate will come into contact with your detonator, you can see in your image the detonator is already pulling backwards, note how close it is to the butt plate. Belts do sit quite high on the back, a little higher than how you have yours now. Personally I would move the rivets so the belt sits a little higher at the front, this would also bring it up a bit on the back. But as Mario suggested you could try some velcro in the center.
  17. ANH (Stunt and Hero) Page 30 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 29 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 28 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 27 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 26 Complete gmrhodes13
  18. Nice work, good luck with approval. For EIB there are a few things: I would bring your thighs up a bit, also noticed your backplate is sitting a little low so may want to bring that up too. Drop boxes should align with the end of the plastic belt section. You may want to bring your arms up a little, lift the biceps and forearms to give you a little room at your wrists, they are currently hitting your handplates Side ab/kidney gap will need to be reduced also Any gap between the abdomen and kidney armor is no more than 1/2" (12.5mm) wide And perhaps try to remove the wrinkles on your belt Canvas belt must be firm / sturdy in appearance. No creasing or sagging  Once again good luck
  19. Nothing better than a BBB, all that excitement, then the panic sets in "I have to put this thing together" Good luck with the build
  20. ANH (Stunt and Hero) Page 35 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 34 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 33 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 32 Complete gmrhodes13 Page 31 Complete gmrhodes13
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