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  1. I've seen some members from the German Garrison who bought Blasters from Sheartech and Imperial Warfighters though.
  2. Well, that sucks. Now I obviously have no idea where to buy a finished E11.
  3. I've never heard of any problems with shipping Blasters through Europe.
  4. Thanks! What bothers me about Imperial Warfighters is that the Blaster isn't hollowed out. I'll post a photo later. And RS Prop Masters only sells the E11 with the full armor.
  5. Well, it's from Canada and he doesn't ship to Germany. Shipping would probably kill me anyway.
  6. Thanks for the answer! The problem is I'm looking for one that is already finished. I just edited the topic.
  7. Hello, I'm searching for a screen-accurate ANH E-11 Blaster in Europe. I'm looking for one that is already assembled and finished and doesn't cost more than 200 Euros/Pounds. Can you give me some suggestions? Thanks in advance! Marc
  8. By the way, I bought the helmet yesterday!
  9. So the brow from the one I'm looking at is more accurate than the brow on the RS Helmet?
  10. That's great! Can you easily remove these decals? Then I could just apply some new ones.
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