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  1. According to the Mountain Garrison GML, the pulls from this maker are sub-standard. I have seen photos that illustrate this and recommend that you go with one of the reputable vendors listed here.
  2. I can tell you that we have been doing a lot of research and development on the flametrooper over at Spec Ops.
  3. So you are basically able to cast this stuff whole without the need for bondo on seams?
  4. Here is what can be done with a Rubies and a different helmet to create a ROTJ TK: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/25993-tk-6647-requesting-rotj-eib-statusrub5th/
  5. Hi Andre, you can find a lot of great answers here, but if you want to talk to existing magmas head over here: http://forum.501stspecopsdet.net/
  6. Welcome Mark! After working on the droid, a TK will be pretty simple. Careful though, I hear it is addictive
  7. Eric was cranky because unbeknownst to him, I swapped my undersuit with his
  8. Steve, hang in there buddy. I have been hospitalized with pneumonia on several occasions, so I feel you, but it is tragic that it happened at CVII. Well-wishes my friend.
  9. Nobody builds it. Mine is a Manowar Boba Fett pack minus the rocket. I then had to build the top section onto it. Finding a way to wear a heavy pack that was meant for a Fett harness system on a TK setup is another challenge altogether.
  10. My photos are from the Anovos display, so I would go with the TFA Exhibit display. Thanks Bender for the great photo!
  11. I can't quite tell in these photos, but I think the sole is wrong. In person I could see that the front of the boots looked like a pair of Vans:
  12. That's a great start Gio. I'm eager to see how this progresses. As for the gaskets, according to the troopers I spoke to, they offer very little mobility as they are so thick. When you return to that project, I wonder if you could create a good-looking, but lighter-weight gasket.
  13. Welcome Ryan. We have a number of good TKs in the Seattle area. I look forward to meeting you.
  14. Oops. Sorry Germain. I was reading this thread on my ColecoVision.
  15. Great album Tim. I've seen frame by frames of all of this before over on theRPF, but your shots have such great clarity.
  16. Right-on Pickles. You and your photos look amazing.
  17. I have a soft spot for projects like this. Nicely-done.
  18. Congratulations on the XO position! That's some resume, and I'm sure you will make an excellent addition to the team. One thing though, only one EIB?
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