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  1. Finished the BFG. Some pics from a local con and SWCA.
  2. Lefty. I'm a lefty. Besides, the ANH holster is on the left. For my ID, when armed, I troop righty to remain accurate (like anyone really notices).
  3. Yeah, the trailers give me goose bumps! I wish I could actually run around and tuck and roll like CG troopers, but we all know that's fantasy. FYI this is a Rebel Legion approvable costume, not 501st.
  4. I use PlastiDip with great success. It comes in both liqid and spray. Black is the most commonly stocked (HD, Wally), but Ace carries grey and white. I used the white on my handguards and my first stormie boots with no cracking. http://plastidip.com/home_solutions/Plasti_Dip
  5. I was in the market to upgrade my TK armor from my trusty 12 year old FX, when AMX posted their Old Republic Trooper Havoc Squad bucket, and I knew then that I would have it. Then I needed armor to go with the helmet. So no new TK for me just yet. Anyhoo, here are some piccies of the completed armor. Sorry, no in-work pics, since any documantation went out the window as I became absorbed in my work. Helmet: AMX Armor: TZA Neck seal: FOO Soft goods: Sandeman Blaster pistol: Sandeman Some reference pics: Helmet (out of the box): Trimming: Painting and weathering: Legs and boots: Blaster pistol: Finished bucket: Complete (pre-troop): The real me: Troopin': Still need to add some things, like the Blaster Cannon: And the bandolier with ammo pouch: This suit is a BEAST! Absolutely comfortable, but I can't put on my own shoes.
  6. There are still plenty of people who still use them, but I can't imagine why with so many decent helmets out there.
  7. I still use FX, since I can't justify my need for new armor to Darth Wife. It can indeed be worked for L2 approval, but depending on your size, the butt joint/cover strip method isn't feasible without trimming.
  8. I let the kids knock it around.
  9. I'm guessing this one is an actual member. Little details the general public misses...
  10. I made two versions (links on my signature): one using a Rubies mask and one I molded from a Disney Stormtrooper bank and pulled in foam. The pulled bucket is pretty small (2-4 year-old size), so I might suggest you take a look at this site: http://paper-replika.com/index.php?option=com_content&id=7472:stormtrooper-helmet-with-eva-foam-pepakura&Itemid=200144
  11. I know I'm a few months behind, but thanks for the recognition Billy. I hope the build inspires others!
  12. The Sandeman was my Navy squadron's patch/mascot/tail flash in Spain, where I first armored up. And also one heck of a good wine - and I'm not a wine guy. A whiner, maybe, but not a wine guy.
  13. In an effort to improve the image of the Empire, I have started an armor recycling program. In this case, I've reissued the Foamtrooper's armor to her little brother. Behold: Here's the Foamtrooper and Foamtrooper: TNG in his public debuit (V1 helmet) (I've got to admit, my 11 year-old FX kit is still holding up. I've been wanting to replace it with something more accurate for some time, but it hasen't even begun to crack or yellow) Foamtrooper and Foamtrooper: TNG And again OK, here it goes. "Come to the Darkside, we have cookies!" Miscellaneous goodness Here's the original Foamtrooper in action (2009): http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=7316&st=0&p=92859entry92859
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