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  1. As a newly approved TK, may i have my account access upgraded to being an offical member please? http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=15609
  2. Dirtyboy just shipped mine yesterday, so ill be sure to put up pics when it gets here.
  3. That was my understanding as well. While I really like the light weathering I've seen done, I may leave it clean so I can also do a normal to when the need arises. Nick, how far along in your build are you? Once we are both done we'll have to trip an event together since your just across the river from me.
  4. First set back of the build..... With my confidence running high I started on my left upper armor piece. I trimmed a little off each side to get it closer to fitting me, however i found that it is really tight, not in length but in width. When I look a the two halves its more of an oval than a circle. I've used a heat gun sparingly to help widen the gap a little for my "massive" biceps and its fitting better, but not there yet. I taped it back together and found a few questions had come up. It feels almost like its too long for my arm, its easily up into my armpit and just under the ball in my shoulder on the outside. Any lower and I have problems bending my elbow. So my first question to the experts is does it look like its too long or is that really sitting about where it should be? It also seams like its still a little too wide and needs to be trimmed in a little more to me... Second question is about the return edge. I haven't been able to find a definitive yes or no as to where I should have these edges. If I have to shorten the length any I will lose that edge, and not entirely sure how to put one back on if its even possible. However trimming it off would greatly help fitting the my armor easier without needing to try and bend it any further, and stop eating up my arm while I play dress up with the parts. The lip isnt very big just not sure if it needs to stay or I can hack it out of there.
  5. I've decided to take the plunge into making a Stormtrooper for my second costume with the 501st. This is my first costume with this much armor So i'm sure i'll be asking more than a few questions along the way. I like the original storm troopers a lot and really wanted to do a Sandtrooper without all the weathering, so the HWT was the perfect choice for me. I picked up the new 1.5 version of AM armour After reading many threads on here already I felt confident enough to go ahead and get started on the left forearm. Using E6000 and some rare earth magnets as clamps, I am really happy with the way it turned out.
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