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  1. Once we have painted the blaster we just need to fit everything into place (starting for the plastic tube with the red light, but I’m sorry I don’t have potos of this step…) And here it is!!!!! It sounds better than in the video, although it’s not very loud (only indoor events…)
  2. Now we need a power supply. I built a battery holder with a plastic tube to be able to cover it with black tape and insert it inside the spring. I also used the plastic tube to help project the light inside of the blaster.
  3. Now, we have to make room to the speaker. Again, this will be hidden in the finished blaster by the magazine.
  4. Let’s start with this Project. First of all we need a doopydo’s kit and a toy blaster. I chose Boba Fett’s because the sound was louder than other toy blasters. Carefully we have to open the blaster and take out the electronic “guts” Next we have to do a working trigger, able to press the fire button of the blaster’s soundboard Then we’ll have to make room to the soundboard in the body of the blaster. This will be covered by the blaster grip when finished.
  5. Hi,folks. Soon to follow my building thread of a doopydo's E11 resin kit upgraded with the light and sound from a Boba Fett hasbro blaster. I used a Boba Fett blaster because the sound was louder than other toy blasters.<br> The result is not so spectacular but It's an easy and cheap way to build a doopydo's with light and sound. <br> Stay tuned. More to follow.
  6. Looking for a MTK armor found this on ebay : http://m.ebay.com/itm/271880445317?nav=SEARCH
  7. Today I tried a new configuration, with one of the walkies facing my body and the other one facing the chestplate. It improved volume without feedback, but the batteries lasted just a couple of hours.
  8. Great job! Good tips that I'll follow in my doopydo's kit + boba fett blaster.As soon as I receive the doopydo's kit I'll start the build thread.
  9. I have a similar project in mind but starting with a new doopydo's kit. I bought a boba fett blaster to take out the guts because it's got Red leds and it costs half the price of a trooper blaster
  10. For the spring /bolt try to cover the guts with black plastic tape or inside a black tube and paint a fake spring
  11. OK. In my first try I suffered Feedback so I had to turn down the volume. I avoided feedback but the volume wasn't loud enough. Any advice to deal with the feedback issue?
  12. I had the same idea ;-) But first I'll test it trooping. Today I made some adjustments and it sounds better and louder.
  13. I'll test it next thursday. My first impression at home: I like the sound but it looks like the volume won't be loud enough...
  14. After not being very happy with my aker, I've decided to try this setup. I already have the walkies at home and next week I'll test them in a troop.
  15. I'm going to try the walkie talk system suggested here:http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/27777-static-burst-walkie-takie-talk/page-3#entry373368
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