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  1. Its Andreas Bothner the brother of Heiko. Both trooped with us on that day and made the connection to the family.
  2. Thank you all for the kind words... Yes - this is why we love to be in the 501 St Legion!
  3. Last weekend 4 TKs and one impressive Vader went to Laufen, a small city in Germany, to support Alicias (3) family by raising money. The litte sweetie needs a dolphin therapy...its only a small chance to give her and the rest of the family a better living quality. The small girl is totaly lost in her own world and not able to communicate. She has to be watched every minute when she is not sleeping... We are proud that we were able to earn 1.470€ in 6 hours together with the family!!! A lot of nice people on a street festival have been very generous. And we already raised 300€ before the event and were able to suprise the family. A lot of photos have been taken from us and we all had a good time with the people and the family. Alicia fell in love with Lord Vaders Cape... :-) For all of us this was a special troop and we will remeber that day. We will meet Alicia again till the goal is reached!
  4. Nice work Daniel!!! Hope we see again soon trooping together...
  5. I am a happy owner of a TM ANH Stunt armor and there is nothing close to this quality...and to the friendly way Paul answers any questions... I am such a fan maybe one day I will build a "Paul"? Even if he is so small I can´t wear it 1:1! Btw: Finish your Snowtrooper so I can buy one too.............................................!!!
  6. I like the dirt on your armor! Mine is still to clean... Looking good!!!
  7. Thumbs up! Maybe you should offer a trooper-car-wash in that outfit...
  8. Thank you Paul, I will think about that. Its a good advice for dealing with it the time I may request Centurion. Tonight is another troop and Im am already happy to slip in my armor! Cant wait to make my first troop in EIB armor! :-)
  9. @darth chridan: Thank you! And thank you for making me buy my armor from TM!!!
  10. Thank you all for the Kind words and thanks for giving me the EIB!!! I will change the rivet or fill in the hole so it is flat and solid looking the next days. And by the time I am getting for Centurion I will do the knee and repaint the helmet. Two things I have to say: 1. TM Armor is a really good thing to spent your money for! Especially with the nice contact and all that wisdom behind it... 2. I am soooooo proud to be a member of this detachment an to be a "brother in armor" with all you friendly, helping and totally crazy guys!!!!
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