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  1. S seal for bottom of helmet Helmet Details Inner Drop Boxes Back Plate Raised Up to remove kidney overlap Return Edge removed from forearm Strapping removed All Changes requested completed to achieve Centurion status.
  2. Name: Tom H. TKID: 5435 Forum Name: EmenyZero Garrison: Wisconsin Garrison Armor = ATA Helmet= ATA Blaster= HyperFirm Optional Height = 5'3" Weight = 150lbs Boots = TKBoots Neck Seal = Homemade EIB Approval Thread: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/24219-tk-5435-requesting-anh-stunt-eib-status-ata355/ As per request on EIB approval page, the Holster straps have been made longer, back plate lifted higher, boots scuffed, and photos of the rubber gloves/hand guards. Drop Boxes flipped around to show that they are filled for detail Helmet Pics
  3. And the final part, the interior shots: I think thats everything now!
  4. Here's the Action Shot, I will work on getting the interior of my Armor done. I shot this real quick one night after work before having to do some other things.
  5. I will try to get them soon. Stay tuned, with these really cold temps (-12 as we speak, with a wind chill of -35), I should be able to get take them soon. I'll post as soon as they are taken. I think I've also nailed all the items for centurion as well.
  6. Sorry for being MIA on my thread. Work has been nuts and I have just been able to get around to taking care of my holster as requested. And here are photos of my modified holster as requested!
  7. I do not have any strapping on my forarms, I have a filler foam that allows them to sit comfortably on my forearms. Any other way cut into and do not fit right. I actually am great walking in the armor. I can actually run, and jump in it as well. It fits perfectly and allows me max movement, and I have even been able to figure out how to bend over and pick things up in it. If they come up any further it will cut into me and not feel to great. Being a short guy it wasn't easy to become a TK, and a very long time to get the armor to where it is
  8. Hey, sorry for the delay in getting updated photos, between work and having to move last minute, things have been a little busy. Here are the E-11 D-ring photos!
  9. I will update photos as soon as I can. I'm swamped with work right now, 60+hrs hours a week right now.
  10. Just wondering if this has had a chance to be reviewed yet? Thanks!
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