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  1. I actually did the paint job for the ear bump after the initial pictures were taken, I was looking into getting it ready for centurion. Im reworking straps to raise the cod piece up to fix the belt problem. I should have it fixed before I try for centurion. Thanks for the approval man! I'll throw the armor on and take a pic for ya on one of my upcoming days off.
  2. Raised the belt higher and have it in place, forgive the marks just took this after being in it for a whole day at a convention.
  3. I picked up the paint will post the pics of the helm and ab buttons.
  4. Name: Jeff Young TK ID: 62280 Garrison: Wisconsin Garrison FISD ID: grishnock Armor: ATA Helmet: ATA Blaster: Hyperfirm Height: 6'2 Weight: 190lbs Boots: TK Boots Neck Seal: Trooperbay Holster: Trooperbay
  5. The power up/down lighting effects they dont have, but the whoosh clash sound effects they do have if you add the sound. You can even customize the sounds/sensitivity of them if you put hook a usb cord up from your computer to the lightsaber. Have had mine for a few months and am very happy with it.
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