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  1. Hey Chris & Welcome! We have an amazing crew in Makaze squad with a lot of great opportunities for troops that’ll stay with you a lifetime. I’m located in Windermere so any questions feel free to reach out!
  2. First off Welcome to FISD!! As Randy said you should expect to be in the 1500 / 2000 ball park when all said & done. But to reiterate the statement that once broken down it really isn't that bad and you wont build it all at once. After doing your research on Armorers HERE and figure out what's best for you and purchase your shiny white ABS. Once that's done you can start planning, building & saving for all the other parts. You'll find a ton of information and you can always ask any questions that pop up and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.
  3. Hi Josh, I currently have two sets of WTF Armor and have built them to EIB/Centurion standards. If you have any questions feel free to ask away or shoot me a PM if your more comfortable with that. Keep in mind that WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE so you have no stupid questions and nothing is that far out of wack that you cant fix. Walt also has some great build videos on his site as well and is active on his facebook page.
  4. Welcome Juan! You've got a great group with Everglade Squad thats for sure!
  5. WOW only 35 spots left!!!! This has been a long time coming. Proud to be part of this group!
  6. Welcome Ashe, You'll find a ton of information here I would start our Getting Started page it should give you a pretty good idea of whats involved and also the community we have here and how willing everyone is here to help. Another good read for those " a little short for a stormtrooper" would be Zel's post. Its an Anovos kit but the builds are the same, Best of luck but it sounds like your in good hands with your Midwest Garrison mates. We're here if you need a hand.
  7. Welcome Ian, Don't forget to sign up with the Florida Garrison as well. If your in the Orlando area we host armor parties monthly.
  8. Welcome Chris to FISD. Fellow Florida Garrison & Makaze Squad member. What section of FL are you in? Any questions feel free to ask.
  9. Great job on your build and that blaster looks amazing!!!! Just a couple minor things that Joseph pointed out, best of luck but it doesn't look like you'll need it!
  10. Congratulations Paul. I remember taking the same journey with my daughter, it was fathers day and she had a take your Dad to class and 6 years later I was day 2 into my exam trying to figure out exactly how I got here. Two dans and a teachers exam later and I still remember my Master instructor saying that a black belt is just a white belt that didn't give up. Enjoy the journey however long it takes you.
  11. Welcome Rob, ATA Makes a great kit! If you haven done so I would start by reading this section here! You’ll find just about everything you think of when it comes to getting started and your armor needs! Speaking of armor needs our fellow Trooper and Deployment Office justjoseph63 has put together a great and very useful checklist of what you’ll need other then that amazing white shiny stuff. I found that personally it came in extremely helpful for my build. Once that has been all decided upon then I would dive into our EIB / Centurion sections and find out which a little extra effort you can get on screen accuracy. Hope that helps point you in the right direction, I know its a ton of information and a good size financial commitment so if any other questions come up feel free to ask. Its why we’re here “ Troopers helping Troopers” Best of luck in your journey.
  12. Welcome to FISD, as everyone has already stated research is key.
  13. Spec Ops or not keep us updated with this build as it looks awesome!!
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