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  1. This is a picture of the kit, 2 years after build. I was invited to Jordan for the Middle East premiere of Rise of Skywalker. This is where they filmed several scenes from the movie (Wadi Rum desert).
  2. Dave Conklin is a personal friend of mine. He has built many AM kits for the Empire City Garrison! I have an AM 2.0 and recently just purchased AM 4.5. He completely helped me build the 2.0, with Centurion accuracy, and even years later is still sending me little scraps and rivets for my newest build. The AM 4.5 comes pre-trimmed. Green lens, helmet decals, extra ABS. The only thing you will need to purchase are Boots, gloves, soft part of belt, and neck seal. Also, the needed tools for build and extra accessories (such as Testors paint or Split rivets).
  3. Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I was approved. I am officially TK55933!!! I am very grateful for this!!!! So excited to troop
  4. TK55933 reporting for duty! Hello, Can I please have access http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=26236 Thanks guys
  5. Thank you all for the support. I finally managed to make a Flikr account and get these pictures posted ! Update: I’ve since tightened the belt so it doesn’t hang, I have also put a pad to separate thigh and sniper plate. Also the bicep pieces are now fitted more with both straps. Thanks for the advice. I am happy to be a part of such a group who admires the same things as myself.
  6. Having trouble posting pictures. I have all the pictures asked from the very helpful post one of the members directed my towards before. Everyone has been so helpful. Going to try leaving a link with the pictures below.
  7. My name is Anthony. I have some pictures that I would like to share on this forum! Hoping you guys could check these photos out and tell me what you guys think. A new and very helpful friend of mine helped me assemble it. I am very proud of the work and would like to share the pictures with you all. Thank you, Future TK Name: Anthony Garzone Future Garrison: Empire City Garrison Armour: AM2 (ANH) Helmet: AM2 (ANH) Cloth Belt Maker: Trooperbay Neck Seal Maker: Other member Boot Maker: Other member Blaster Maker: Hasboro/Doopy Doo Height: 5’8'' Weight: 210 pounds TK Type: ANH Troopers that helped: Dave Conklin SL-34288
  8. Hello, My name is Anthony and I am trying to get approval for the 501st. I followed all these steps listed above. Was wondering what you thought of this build?
  9. Here is a Nov/2017 update on how bad Jedi-Robe is.... I unfortunately purchased the horrific Jedi-Robe kit before knowing about this website. I gave them my sizes and it took about two weeks to arrive. They somehow managed to send me a Ready to wear outfit. I pulled it out the package, unwrapped it so that I could take a look at the material, and immediately I noticed how horrible this armor was. It is so cheap and thin. It’s recasted from a non-movie accurate armor. I tried returning it before the 14 day period, but they ignored my email. Since then, the head of the NY Garrison that I live by, has managed to find me an AP2 armor for less than $550. I paid over $1300 for the crap I got from Jedi robe. It was put together with no effort, no care. It had scratches on it. Thermal Detonator is completely garbage. Uneven glued parts. Helmet/speaker system is so funny that I literally have to laugh it off. I learned my lesson. My AP2 is on its way!!!
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