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  1. Amazing work. Waited with bated breath for the pre-order!
  2. The rebels helped too Not affiliated with 501st/Rebel Legion but unofficially had a lot of help from our Southern California Garrison members. I'm tired of seeing us die so easily against people like Captain Auto Aim in Rogue One or baton twirling Ip Man. This is just a teaser, but I'm gonna start pushing more content geared towards "clone wars" type stories for our Imperial enforcers. It'll be an anthology of sorts, focusing on different detachment types like scouts, sandies, shore, etc.
  3. The Mannequin Challenge is played out, but I think we add enough awesomeness to keep this alive. This edit is my version, but the longer non VFX version is hosted on my friend's youtube channel. Would be great if you could give both a look.
  4. I know! My bicep busted right before shooting
  5. Thanks! Adobe After Effects to composite all the shots of the car into the scene with me.
  6. Taking it a step further for the meme about a stormtrooper being the safest driver on the road because he would never hit anything. **Disclaimer: DON'T TRY THIS EVER** Please don't try something like this in real life. It's VFX through and through. That said, if you have any zany ideas for Star Wars based skits that would require VFX, I'd love to hear more suggestions!
  7. Well, for anyone who has bought it, do they have a discount code offered after their purchase for future products that I may use?
  8. Kalani--always got my back haha
  9. Very true. Might be too violent. Appreciate the feedback!
  10. So I do VFX stuff from time to time. If you have any ideas for some Star Wars based tricks, lemme know. I'm looking to turn this into a series: How to Put On Your Helmet (catch my stormtrooper helmet--posted that vid around here somewhere) How to Spot a Jedi (stab a jedi and he disappears. stab another guy and give the one liner "I guess he's more of a Han Solo type" Hot to Cross Traffic (stormtrooper armor is so safe it misses getting hit by cars) Stormtroopers Can't Play Russian Roulette (stormtrooper shoots himself with gun but it misses and kills the guy across from him--possibly Greedo) etc. etc. etc. And a thumbs up on the YouTube channel wouldn't hurt either
  11. Looks like a less conspicuous way of keeping the shoulder bell attached, rather than having a very noticeable black strip wrapping around the bicep.
  12. So...for us US folk, how would one obtain this reasonably priced ammo plastic box (as shipping looks to only be for Europe ). Anyone see a US alternative? Or any plans to do a group buy for US people through some third party?
  13. I've been searching online for corduroy type sweaters or long sleeved shirts. Was beginning to think they didn't exist! That does kind of look like those gaskets. They're definitely not as prominently ribbed as TFA.
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