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  1. I have no return edge any more on my thigh tops. I had to remove 6 inches from the length of the thigh armor all around in order to make it fit my thighs. (Shorter legs than the armor allowed for.) Will that disqualify me?
  2. The green lines are "pain points" where I feel it digging in to my joints when I bend my arm.
  3. So, I have this issue. My glove armor is too long for my arms. I saw an image of someone cutting off excess from the front around the wrist to fit their arms, and...I didn't know that was allowed. Or is it? I don't want to risk doing MORE wrong with my armor, but I'd love it if my gloves weren't digging into my elbow joints at all times. I already had to take almost 6 inches off my thigh armor to fit my thighs and clear my knees, but that I could trace the cut with and make right. This one worries me aesthetically. If cutting the wrists down is allowed, it'll make my day.
  4. i did the trim that was suggested instead of the original one i noted. They're still too long. Now they cover the top of my knee/back of it and I can -kinda- walk. Kinda. Can't bend over at all.
  5. This thread is helping me get insight for my own thigh issues. Mine are too long, and totally covering my knee front and back. Seems I posted on the wrong forum for that issue, though.
  6. Hello! Perhaps we'll run into each other at some point. I'm from the upper peninsula of Michigan. We may run into each other at some point.
  7. Side question: Say you hammer one of the snaps in too hard and warp it? What's the best way to pop the warped snap out?
  8. Makes sense. And everything is taped at the moment, not glued. I've not made ANY commitments to the parts other than a loose hold for the picture. If I trim as you suggested, wouldn't that alter the leg to have a different shape at the top than it should? Or is that ok to do?
  9. So, I said before I'd be posting the issues I am having with my leg parts. These are two photos that show where they sit, and give an idea of how I want to alter them to fit. I would love insight before making the changes and cuts. The parts are held together inside with some loose tape to keep them in place. The boot leg is open in back because the tape popped free. It's not generally that loose. The red lines on the top and bottom are where I intend to cut. The green lines at the knee are where my knee is sitting inside and how I have no range of motion.
  10. Thanks guys. I'll likely grab a hasbro, because I need a whole new set of armor if I'm ever applying for centurion or above. I've already broken rules for it with my set due to lack of experience and skill. The gloves didn't butt up well, and one had to have one side edged under the other, and the strip covering it. So I know my set is kind of a waste now, due to things like that happening. That's partly why I'll be getting a cheaper blaster now. I need to buy a new set when I have money. (Which I don't. Behold, one of the poorest troopers ever.)
  11. Oh, totally. The problem I have is my thigh bits totally block my knees. They actually come all the way down over the knee cap, and all the way up to the top of my pelvis. I'm unable to walk forward or bend my knee. It's about a drastic 3 or maybe 4 inches I might need to remove. I'll likely start with 2 inches off the top, but I'm wondering how much knee-to-pelvis blocking I need to keep/get rid of. I'll post pictures in the other forum soon for advice.
  12. So, as I write this, the doopydoo is in stock. Something I hear is very rare. How ever, I think I will wait on that one, as it's 82 dollars to have it shipped. When it's time for me to go pro, that'll be a thing. I'm still pretty bad at all this, as my armor will show. I'm a noob, and I have velcro in my armor. The sign of a true beginner.
  13. So, I'm still in the process of putting together my ANOVOS set, and I'll be posting some images in the coming days of THOSE issues. (Leg day is the worst day). During all this, I am looking for an E-11 blaster, and I've found that to be...confusing. Not just in where to go, but what's good, what's approved, and what's decent for 'the moment'. Now, I want to save up and get a real, sturdy, awesome replica some day- but till then, at least, for halloween (the very short term), I was thinking of grabbing a cheap rubies blaster and spraying it black. It's affordable, if it breaks- who cares? and it can just be a thing for the holster until I can get a kit or better. What I want to know is- your thoughts? Is this a bad idea? Am I missing something? I'm still new to this, so I want to make choices that aren't a waste of money, but also I need something for the coming months to fill the gap.
  14. Thanks guys. A snap system would be great, no doubt- but the issue i've had so far is not knowing how far something needs to be/how much slack it should have. I'm still getting used to the armor on my body, and it's not fully done yet. I just have the legs to really assemble, and then I need to finish some things like the crotch snaps. Part of me regrets not having paid more to have it come assembled, but the other part of me enjoys learning how it's done. Granted, I wish I learned it from someone with experience.
  15. Thanks folks. Which place would be the best to post questions about the next cuts i'm doing on my armor? I have a sizing issue with the set, and I need to slice a few inches off the thighs to get my knees free.
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