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    I love movies, especially science fiction. I am a big star wars fan. I work out every day, love food. Love spending time with family and friends.

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    Dune Sea Garrison

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  1. Im  interested in Causeway patch

  2. I am interested in FISD patches for trade if u still have any thanks

  3. I resent the money pay pal via the friends and family if you can let me know if i did it right this time , please and thanks . I am sorry i did it wrong . thanks for being patient .

    1. Redforce


      you did it right. You are good now

    2. Endotech
  4. Hi there, I am lookin for a forearm if you can help me out for a shadow stormtrooper thanks
  5. I  have an extra FISD blue shield 4 inch let me know if u still need one ok , I have lot of them

    1. TK Cowboy

      TK Cowboy

      I already got one thanks. I need the giant 501st if you have one. 

    2. Endotech


      I do but its on a shirt sorry

  6. TK-10016 , I am in there, but not email, I don;t know how to edit or add my email. heres my link , and email - scotlandferguson@yahoo.com https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=15763 Thanks
  7. Hello there, Scott. I am interested in some Decals for my new car. if u can help me out ok

  8. Hi there , John. I am Rick from Dune Sea Garrison in Phx,Az. I have an extra FISD patch to give you free, no trade, no  pay , send me your address and I will send you 1 ok budd. Welcome John, and congrats

  9. Is this the thread to submit my info on being grandfathered in with my 2 costumes. I been a legion member since 2013. I need any and all info on what to do thank you
  10. I like to know about where do I submit my information and or photos to this new thing going on to be grandfathered in , I been a member since 2013. Please if you can lead me in the direction on how and what to do , please and thanks.
  11. I am a member since 2013, I have been a TK since 2013, and a TX since 2017 . I am interested to know what to do to submit to be grandfathered in . Any and all info on where to go to do this , please and thanks .
  12. I am interested in an FISD ID Badge

  13.  TKID Decal Kit for Tote box for Armor. let me know if these are still available . thx

  14. I just saw this  post, My address for the FISD patch ,.Thx budd


    Rick Ferguson

    3019 N 14th St

    Apt  417

    Phoenix,Az. 85014



    1. Sly11


      Cool, I will check with the post office what the shipping charge will be, and let you know.

      ill send you my PayPal details then :) glad I can help.

    2. Endotech


      how much do I owe you budd


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