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  2. Thank you. I still dont like the way it looks. The sides of the button plate have all the "divots" that are over the place. I will use this as my last resort. Im going to experiment with making a base for the other ab plate. Thank you for being one of the ones that has been keeping track on my build.
  3. Thank you so much. This site has all the help one needs to build but sometimes finding specific things are tricky. At least for me.
  4. Great to hear you are still building, looking forward to seeing some images
  5. Awesome, thanks! I have borrowed a finished belt from a friend and am going to attempt to reverse engineer from it.... I will post pics and questions here as I study it.
  6. Can't believe it's been a year and a half already. I ended up with an AM kit and am about a third of the way through it, maybe? A lot more work that I thought! But I'm getting there. I joined my local garrison, the Old Line Garrison, and Tydirium1 (above) is my Advisor, and has been invaluable. I just finished watching the behind the scenes on Mandalorian and jumped back on my last bicep. Nothing like the shows/movies to get you excited!
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  8. My pleasure, sir. Keep posting photos and asking questions, Ryan, it's what we are here for!
  9. First, when putting your bucket on know that it NEVER goes straight on, but goes on at an angle and then gets straightened up so that you can see (somewhat) clearly.
  10. Any tips on installing the lenses? I cut the lense out from the strip of material I have, and cant seem to get the lense to sit flush with the eye holes. I'm using Sugru to mount them. I looked at the sugru tutorial thread, and it makes it seem way simpler than it is going for me. I can get the lense flush with the eye holes if I apply enough pressure, but the sugru doesnt seem to be enough to hold them in that shape. Do I need to get a heat gun to shape them?
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  12. Thanks for the tips! The dashes are my cut line to get to 20mm for my next test fit. I will make sure to trim the edges on the forearm and bicep to follow the curve and reduce any pinch points.
  13. If I may offer a couple of tips, they would be these, Ryan.. First, know that your arms will be bent most of the time while trooping, and that point (red arrow) will poke into your arm, so I would suggest cutting it off. There are quite a few examples of this particular point being left on in the OT armor, but let's face it, sometimes we do extended troops and having that jab into your arm for several hours is no picnic. As long as the cover strips cover the seam you are golden
  14. Great news, looking forward to seeing the progress
  15. I tested the fit on the bicep for 20mm cover strips and it seems about right to bend my arm comfortably. I got the left forearm and bicep marked to 10mm per side for the first cut. For these sides, is it better to use lexan scissors and even out with sandpaper or score and snap with clamps and a straight edge? Based on my initial trimming the score and snap requires less sanding but scissors would follow the line better with the curve of the armor.
  16. With HeadShotProps, do not trust any date of shipping they give you. (From my experience) The product quality is sturdy and good, but my god, the shipping delays. I ordered a R1 TK helmet, It arrived on May 13th, 2020. I ordered it in January. The estimate was Feburary. When I asked about the helmet progress, it took around 1.5 weeks to get a response (which isn't horrible, people have lives outside this.). Every date I was told the helmet would ship was missed. Be it "2 weeks from now", "This weekend" or "on the 15th" for example. Oh, and then communication just stopped. In the end, I didn't even think I was going to get a helmet. I was completely confused when I had a package arrive for me in May. I'm glad I got what I paid for in the end, perhaps that's the accidental business practice HSP has. I was told the delays was due to a manufacturing problem with the new machines + install, then there was no excuses, just dates and missing dates. And then COVID-19 happened. I like to think it was just a load of unfortunate coincidences. I own a 850 Armorworks kit, its approve-able. You can check my build log from my profile to see all the parts I got for my costume to be. As ImperialValour said too, he has a 850 kit and is 501st approved.
  17. As Tony (ukswrath) mentioned, you really can't get any more screen accurate that RS. It has those glorious lumps and bumps in the bucket and their customer service is second to none! However, AP is also a fantastic choice. All of the armorers listed in our "vetted sellers" area are there for a reason... tried and true products from quality sellers, so you can't go wrong.
  18. Sanded down the putty to 220. Taped the openings from the outside. Looks weird lol. Here's the interior before primer. And after. I think I'll give it until tomorrow before I sand the inside to 400. And then I'll (hopefully) brush paint some black acrylic in there!
  19. They are however easy to make. Feel free to pm me for any help. Or just ask here...
  20. There seems to be a error with that link of some reason?
  21. For covering the screws, i would recommend to trim them first, you can use a square of foam, glue it with superglue or zap a gap. Place a piece of Velcro to attach the lenses. This is a practical solution. another practical solution for padding and easy to clean after trooping.
  22. Helmet assembled, but don’t have the covers for the Ear screws, suggestions so I don’t rip off my flesh when trying to put the bucket on? Also padding suggestions, I want to use padding vs hard hat because I don’t have a lot of room in there and know I will need a fan or two... the visor is just set in place for now, likely will cut it down Thoughts? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. I live in the US, but am not opposed to buying from overseas if it's for a really good kit. I feel like I'm drawn to RS and AP now, but how accurate is AP's bucket compared to RS?
  24. Fortunately you have a lot of options given your height. ATA, AP, etc. you can check with each to find out time (wait list) and cost. EDIT: it also depends on where you are located, e.g. US vs. UK/EU and shipping/duties.
  25. I used 850 Armor Works for my TK and got approved with no issue. As several people have mentioned, Jim Tripon also makes a fibreglass kit out of the Philippines.
  26. Hi and welcome to FISD. If it were me I would get the armor from RS (they have a nice sale going on right now) and the helmet from AP - good luck
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