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FISD June Newsletter 2024

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Greetings troopers,


This month we were at last able to see some of the changes mentioned in the last few updates.


The relaunched Master Armorer program is the result of a lot of work behind the scenes. Most staff have had input at some point in the process. We worked hard to keep the wording simple, conscious that no one wants to read pages of rules and that English is not the first language of a lot of members, though a lot of you apparently are better than I am!


The new program adds a new entry tier, Apprentice Armorer. The goal is to not only encourage you to go out and help members join the Expert Infantry, but to also create entirely new Stormtroopers and so grow the detachments ranks.


Many of you have probably helped local members already. If so head over to the program and get started working on earning your Master Armorer award.


CRLs continue to be worked on. Captain Enoch is closing in on completion and waiting for members with builds to start working on photos. The Imperial Commando is also dangerously close to completion and I hope will be there soon. We also have the Night Trooper CRL in the works, if any of you are considering this build please come and help us with the CRL.


The Valkyries have been running a contest to create a new logo. Entries will have closed by the time this post goes live and I look forward to seeing the results.


Less glamourous is the start of the FISD Operations Manual. It takes a lot of people to run the Detachment, with each of us doing a number of jobs and a lot of those are only done by that 1 person. Should the worst happen, or just someone just needs a holiday, the Detachment needs to keep going and we can't afford to lose that knowledge. The Operations Manual is how I plan to ensure that happens. We have created a list of jobs people do and begun documenting those and make sure that knowledge is not lost.


As always the DMBO office has come for your wallets! So if you are one of our First Order members it's now time to get out those imperial credits and grab your self a First Order Shield Logo patch.



With Unquestioned Loyalty

Chris Pearson 

TK-10991  "themaninthesuitcase"

Detachment Leader




Greetings fellow Bucket heads


To follow on from Chris mentioning CRL's, I have the Imperial Armoured Commando actual CRL 95% complete in full wiki form with all images loaded.

The second draft is going up on the forums for staff and member review so we can see if any changes or refinements can be made.

This will stay posted for a little over a week so if you are interested in building the costume, love the character or have some input, that could be valuable, please take a look.


Once we close that off and make any amendments, it will go off to the LMO team for final review.

As you can imagine, we have a very eager member waiting for it to go live for his approval, so the quicker we can get feedback the better.


We have a lot of cool stuff lined up this term, so keep your eyes open for announcements on the forums and in our social platforms.


See you in the soup



With Unquestioned Loyalty

Andrew Franke

TK-11469 "Sly11"

Executive Officer




:smiley-sw013:Merch Update Time:smiley-sw013:

Hello fellow troopers! It is an exciting time for merch.

Our FISD/SpecOps dual Detachment coins have finally started showing up and they are a huge hit. The Red and Blue Stormtrooper banner patches are also rolling out and you can't believe the compliments I've received for the blue color (Thank you again @revlimiter for remaking the artwork for both, and the other colors that we didn't use). And the Racing Shirt run has closed and the order has been placed. We start the timer on the 4-6 week manufacturing process. I am still looking for anyone that might want to be a distributor for the Asia, EU, Canada and South/Central America. We have the US,  UK, and Australia and New Zealand covered. Down to business.




Old Business

As posted in the open, FISD/Spec Ops Dual Detachment Coins (aka The Secret Merch Item) and the Red and Blue Stormtrooper Banners have shipped and should be in members hands. Any issues, please report them to either myself, SpecOps MBO or Pfab directly.


The EIB and Centurion Rocker patches are still a work in progress. We certainly apologize for the delay, but we have high standards for our merch here at FISD and so we don't want to ship out poor or questionable quality products. If you have questions, please feel free to check with me or @MaskedVengeance . Latest updates can be found here 


The Racing Shirt and Terrell Reber Memorial Patch runs have also closed. These are going to production and I will update their sales threads as I have more information. We sold almost 400 racing shirts with 65 different Garrison being represented. I can't wait to see how these turn out.




New Business


The EIB v11 coin run is open. You must not have purchased an EIB coin ever before from any run to be eligible for these. We have a list of the members and which coin they were sold, and like someone else, we check it twice.






The FOTK Shield patch run is now open and will close on July 1st. If you are wanting one of these patches, please hit the link below for more information. 2024 FOTK Patch Run




The FISD T-Shrit/Hoodie Run will happen in August, so keep an eye out for more information about that in the July newsletter.

For July, we plan on running a unique item. Be sure to keep your eyes on the "Detachment Merchandise Only" section of the forum and subscribe to get emails for it if you haven't already. You will not want to miss out on this item and there will be limited number available, so my guess is that this run will end before the end of the month.





In support of the re-launch of the Armor Program, We would like to announce the availability of Armorer Rockers for Level 2 and up Armorers.

There will be more information about these posted in the Armorer thread.




As always, if you have any thoughts, suggestions, comments or concerns about FISD Merch or Branding, my "virtual" door is always open. Hit me up, you can reach me via email, forum DM, or find me on Facebook.



With Unquestioned Loyalty

James Silvius

TK-12953 "jsilvius"

Merchandise & Branding Officer





Wave and smile! :trooper:


Please welcome TK-91213 to the Stormtrooper Hall of Fame, May 2024!

@JBar Troop log can be found here.



It looks like this was one mighty first FISD troop, congratulations John! Many more to come! :peace:

Other HOF recipients can be found here.


With Unquestioned Loyalty 

Jonatan Östling 

TK-23592 "Nairy" 

Attaché Ambassador








You can find the full meme thread here



Trading Card Archives



For those with FISD detachment trading cards please consider sending two to Paul @Daetrin keeper of our detachment archives.

Address and more info here



With Unquestioned Loyalty

Paul Hoeffer

TK-8020 "Daetrin"

Detachment Founder

Keeper of Archives




Our Valkyries logo contest has ended, thank you to everybody who contributed designs! We will now choose a winner and announce the decision on the forum soon!

You can see submitted designs in this thread 



With Unquestioned Loyalty and lots of excitement about this happening 

Vicky Mandlmaier 

TK-50893 "Vicky_Velocipanda"

Special Unit Director-Valkyries (DPRO)






For a full list of FISD awards programs head here.




fL3cX9a.jpg.7aee908189b2401e68bfb093f293328f.jpg   a0ZxLdv.jpg.2fe2922acc3b027a05233c0d39ec8ee0.jpg


*Now Available in Swedish*

Want to spread the word about FISD?, you can with our FISD Tri-Fold Brochure.

Originally these were done in a limited run by the member who created them, but nowadays, we have moved this to a print your own service making them accessible to all countries around the globe.

Files are available to all full 501st members on request by contacting our DL Chris @themaninthesuitcase

you can find more info here 


Currently Available languages:  English - Spanish - German - Swedish





Are you new to the FISD and wondering what the heck all those abbreviations and strange sounding terms mean?  To help you @justjoseph63 has started a list of the most commonly used ones that will give you some insight.  If you have ANY questions about a particular term that is not listed or suggestions for new ones please contact Joseph. You can find the list here.





Pre Approval Forum allows future Troopers the opportunity to submit photos of their completed build to be reviewed by the Staff, Imperial Attaches and others in preparation for forwarding it to their GML for approval.  Any and all advice/suggestions given will be specific, constructive, helpful and respectful. Please note that this program will NOT take the place of your local GML, as Detachments are not chartered for costume approval and can not override a GMLs decision, but is instead a peer review program designed to help you look your best and offer guidance and positive feedback.  For more information on this program, please visit the link here.




Don't forget to visit our 3D section when next surfing the FISD forums, there is plenty of useful information to potentially help you on your next TK adventure. You might be feeling may generous and share with our community a new TK related 3D file and maybe win yourself a 3D contributors award DGx4MwQ.png  DjQ8bJi.png so check out the details below and be part of the in house 3D community.  

Here is a link to the FISD 3D Contributor program.






Don't forget to create a troop log here on FISD and get awarded for your adventures The list of accomplished troopers keeps growing, so get on board and register your troops today Simply start (or update!) your troop log, keep the running total in the title, and post (at least!) a date and name for the official 501st event where you wore your TK! Once you've hit a milestone count, go over to the "Field Exercise Awards -- Post your milestones here" thread to request your profile be updated!  Simple, right? Also if you would like your troop photos shared on our social media channels please add the following to the first post of your FISD troop log: I give permission for FISD to repost my photos on social media in an appropriate fashion.

Award Recipients May - June


troopaward10.png TK-23072 "budu1" Mario  - - - - - -    troopaward25.png TK-10911  "themaninthesuitcase" Chris  - - - - - -    troopaward50.png.3a3b072c1add6ecb4faab0ac5c126d11.png TK-17165 "Captain Eclipse" Nancy 







Are you an approved TK that spends more time on the boards than the average Trooper? Do you enjoy using your knowledge to help out future and existing Troopers? If so, we would like to invite you to join the Imperial Attaché program! Members of the I.A. team are chosen to help out not only those here on the boards, but on a local level as well. Our aim is to have at least one in each and every Garrison, Squad and Outpost in the entire legion to be the eyes and ears of the FISD on a local level.


If you are a 501st approved Trooper who wishes to join the ranks of the Attachés, please get in touch with me and/or visit: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/15252-fisd-attaché-program/


For a complete list of Imperial Attaches, go here.


Some of the benefits include: Access to exclusive Attaché merch, including patches. You may also be in the running for an Imperial Attaché Award. An award for those attaché's who have gone above and beyond [minimum 1 year of service]. You can find a list of prior recipients here.



Imperial Attaché patch 



Imperial Attaché Rocker 



Imperial Attaché Outstanding Achievement Award



With Unquestioned Loyalty 

Jonatan Östling 

TK-23592 "Nairy" 

Attaché Ambassador





Master Armorer Program - 2024 Relaunch 


FISD has many wonderful programs to help members build and submit costumes for our detachment, whether it be a classic Stormtrooper, a First Order Stormtrooper, or even one of the new Imperial Armored Commandos. While our Expect Infantry and Centurion programs get most of the attention, FISD staff wants to relaunch the Armorer Program (Currently called the Master Armorer Program).


What is the Armorer Program you ask?


Well, it is a program designed to recognize those troopers that go above and beyond to assist themselves and others in getting costumes built, submitted, and approved. One of the goals of all the detachments in the 501st Legion is to help members build and submit costumes that meet and hopefully exceed the minimum requirements of the Legion’s CRLs.


Currently the Master Armorer program has the requirement of helping a minimum of 5 members achieve Expert Infantry status. The member must have spent at least 30min physically helping another member with cutting, gluing, sizing, etc, just because they want to help (no money exchanged).


The definition of an armorer is “a maker, supplier, or repairer of weapons or armor”. So while we certainly love the feedback that members provide to others on the forums, and the extra steps some do by having video calls to help walk people through issues with their builds, this program requires hands on work.


The new program will have the same physical help requirement, but we are going to move from a “wins” system, (where a win was help an individual for 30 min or more) to a points system, and we aren’t limiting it to only Expert Infantry builds. While we are pushing the Advance to 1500 to try and achieve 1500 Expert Infantry members, we recognize that the goal of the detachment is to get FISD members build, submitted, and approved. So we will be awarding points for Basic builds as well.


Currently there are 3 levels of the award, FISD Armorer, FISD Senior Armorer and FISD Master Armorer. The new program will add a 4th level at the beginning called the Apprentice Armorer.


The point scale will be as follows.

  • 5 points - Apprentice Armorer
  • 10 points - Armorer
  • 20 points  - Senior Armorer
  • 30 points - Master Armorer


The Armorer candidate would earn points based on what level the member costume they assisted with achieved.


If you help with a basic build, you get 1 point, if you help with a EIB build you get 2 points. So a person to basic you get a point, help them again to get their EIB earning another 2 to a total of 3.


The thought again here is that we want to help build as many stormtroopers as possible.


If you love building armorer and love helping fellow members get their costumes built, then this is the program you’ve been searching for. We look forward to awarding more members with this award as we know how much we all love Troopers helping Troopers. More information can be found here






Want to setup a "Fire Team?  the Fire Team program is completely optional, and is intended to help form a common identity and spirit of camaraderie among 501st Legion Stormtroopers in the same geographic area/garrison that troop together. Fire Teams are not officially recognized by the 501st Legion nor the FISD, although they will be able to access a Fire Team sub-forum on the detachment website. You can find more information here. 


For those interested here is the original discussion on the creation of Fire teams here



With Unquestioned Loyalty

Mark Ryner

TK-4584 "captsafe66"

Fire Team Relations



So what exactly are kKf6hGu.png and QrRRhuF.png levels?

These programs were designed for those who choose to take their armor above and beyond the minimum requirements for basic 501st Legion approval.  It gives you the chance to show a level of dedication and pride that takes your armor closer to being as "screen accurate" as possible, without as much extra work as you may realize! You can find more information on the programs here.


For those unaware it is possible to achieve extra awards at Expert Infantry for each additional version costume you have approved, additional awards are not issued with another Expert Infantry number (you are only issued 1 Expert Infantry number) but you will see a star above the award on your profile and the thread title will show [APPROVED] 2nd, [APPROVED] 3rd, [APPROVED] 4th and so on. Multiple EIB award recipients and info here


NOTE If you are approved with a "2nd Version" of a particular costume that you are already approved with you do not receive an additional award, there is only 1 award issued for each costume version ie: only 1 x Hero, 1 x Stunt, 1 x HWT, 1 x ESB, 1 x TFA and so on. If you have a second/additional version costume approved you will see "2nd Version" and [APPROVED] added to the thread title, no additional profile stars (more info on profile awards here)




For those of you who have a particular issue (or issues) before or after submitting for Expert Infantry / Centurion level approval, in order to get you an answer faster you can now privately contact the entire Deployment Officer team at one time!  


Questions about fitting, repairs, CRL standards/requirements or anything pertaining to reaching Levels 2 and 3 are not only welcomed, but encouraged.  Keep in mind that no question is too small, and that your queries will only be seen by the D.O. Staff.


We are here to help in any way we can, so please feel free to send us a message by clicking on this link: @Deployment Officer Team and we will get back to you A.S.A.P.!




The 1500 unquestioned loyalty!





This area lists all those who have gone above and beyond basic approval toward screen accuracy and obtained EIB or Centurion or both.  FOR May - June the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment would like to congratulate the following.

Expert Infantry Badge Award:


Alfredo  "TK-92761 TK92761 EIB 1074

John  "JBar TK91213 EIB 1075


GREAT job on your approval, now on to Level 3!  :salute:

Request your free EIB certificate here.

You can find a list of multiple award recipients here.

Multiple EIB award info here

Expert Infantry Honor Gallery here



Centurion Badge Award:


No recipients this period


Request your free Centurion certificate here.  

You can find a list of multiple award recipients here.


If you see any of these Troopers around your Garrison or Squad, be sure to congratulate them!







I'm always on the look out for interesting stories or posts, please drop me a message if you have anything of interest.

For anyone interested in having a look through any of the older newsletters they can find be found here.





With Unquestioned Loyalty

Glen "Q" Rhodes

TK-85421 "gmrhodes13"

PRO, Newsletter




Detachment Leader (DL): Chris Pearson (themaninthesuitcase) TK-10911 
Detachment Executive Officer (DXO):  Andrew Franke (Sly11) TK-11469
Chief Deployment Officer (DCA): Mario Reyes (TKSpartan) TK-48117
Deployment Officer (DCA): José Mª Sánchez  (Chemi) TK-30173
Junior Deployment Officer (DCA):  Gerald J Gyorffy  (Doggydoc) TK-96004

Provost Marshall (DCoG): Steven Sheades (starsaber25) TK-10466
Provost Marshall (DCoG): Caleb Mask  (MaskedVengeance) TK-73692
Provost Marshall (DCoG): Arthur Wong (giskard8) TK-39093 

FISD Diplomat (DPRO): Tony Jobe (ukswrath) TK-10116

FISD Diplomat (DPRO): Tim Waychoff  (Dark PMF) TK-51878

FISD Diplomat (DPRO): Christoph (Danny) Lauber (Ripper_L) TK-55550

Fire Team Relations(DCoG): Mark Ryner (captsafe66) TK-4584

Merchandise and Brand Officer (DMBO): James Silvius (jsilvius) TK-12953

Trading Card Specialist (DPRO): Eric Ho (Hoda) TK-77520
Newsletter Publisher (DPRO): Glen Rhodes (gmrhodes13) TK-85421
Content Editor Support (DPRO): Adam Wolf (Revlimiter) TK-89400
Content Editor Support (DPRO): Jeff Salt (Wingnut65) TK-50297 

Special Unit Director-Valkyries (DPRO): Vicky Mandlmaier (Vicky_Velocipanda) TK-50893
Attaché Ambassador (DPRO): Jonatan Östling (Nairy) TK-23592
Social Media Relations (DPRO): Luca Hahn (Morgi) TK-66744

Personnel Officer (DPER): AC (NoVATie) TK-5597

Systems Administrator (DWM): Mathias Rodstedt (Locitus) TK-2959

Systems Administrator (DWM): Eric Brager (Darth Aloha) TK-9674

Systems Administrator/Detachment Founder (DF): Paul Hoeffer (Daetrin) TK-8020 

Imperial Propaganda Machine (IPM): Brian Long (Tilheyra) TK-47933 (new addition)





dnvsyYa.png  Facebook: www.facebook.com/whitearmor  Facebook Group: 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (FISD) Official
 twit.png.11b4b28f584ebe0d70368531f6732c82.png  Twitter: www.twitter.com/FISD501st or @FISD501st   QoCzxCK.png  Instagram: www.instagram.com/fisd501st

QoCzxCK.png.20bf30de5fb727d7e1d269484a692a2c.png  Discord: https://discord.gg/FmQZ2qW8gx  




On behalf of the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff and the Imperial Propaganda Department






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