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Hello to all from West Texas. I am new to the group and currently researching on where to get Tk or TD armor for the past 7 months. I have also read up on the list on whitearmor.com and looking fpr a complete build. I am leaning towards RS Propmasters. or Authentic Props and would like to know what is your opinion. 

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Hello and welcome aboard,  perhaps this thread could be of help 


Here is another great thread full of info 


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Hi and welcome to the FISD.  Both are good choices.  RS might be more screen accurate but AP gives you a bit more room in some of the more critical parts (i.e. around the gut area).  The cost and shipping times will likely play a part in the decision.  I've built both a TK and TD from a AP kit and I have no complaints - although I had to source a few TD specific parts from other vendors.  As much as I love my AP kits, I would lean to RS if you want a really accurate TD build.  I think the links Glen provided above gives a bit more detail on the differences.  Either way, you'll be happy. 

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Welcome to FISD Michael.

You are certainly on the right path choosing either of those makers. Both quality kits.

RS is a warts and all version, specially the helmet as it has all the paint runs etc as cast straight off the original.

AP is a cleaned up version, also cast off an original item, so no paint drips and runs, clean and smooth. Kind of an idealised version if you will.

You wont be disappointed either way, but as mentioned by Wook, cost and freight might make your decision lean one way or the other.

Both makers are great to talk with and generally very responsive to any questions you might have.


Good luck on your journey, and i look forward to hearing which way you go and to keep abreast of your ultimate approval.

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Welcome aboard Michael! Once you've made your choice on armor maker don't forget other things like a trusty blaster.  Sometimes you can work on your other parts and pieces while you await BBB (Big Brown Box day).  And definetly start a build thread once you get started. It's the best and fastest way to get feedback from others who've built armor on any questions you might have along the way.

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Just now, BATS2150 said:

Well I finally went with a AP build since I am a short guy, maybe all that military time, but will be about 10 weeks. So let the fun begin.

Great news, the wait will kill ;) 


You know have time for researching, the All in One Resources thread can be a great help, also don't forget we have galleries full of reference images.


Waiting for those BBB photos :D 

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