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  1. I worked on the spring last night. I ended up using some markers to get the right diameter and got 11 curls in the visible area. The cocking handle is getting another coat of paint then it will be attached. Things on my list I have left to do are dwindling. I need to paint the silver accents on my handle and shorten 1 more wire in the BlastFX kit to save some space. Re-wrap the circuit board back up in shrink tubing, and also cut a notch in my clear light tube. After that I think I will be able to get wires run and into final assembly. Then most importantly apply for EIB before the 1000 mark!
  2. A little update. The handle is coming along. I have changed the wiring to support some connectors so I don't need to try to solder the rotating switch or trigger. When the handle gets fixed to the tube it will be a simple click click and screw on. The handle is getting painted now and it looks like I forgot to take a picture after I used the Green Stuff to fill in the holes. Next I have been working on the bolt. I have a 1/2" piece of PVC with a marker in the end. For the outside I have filled down a piece of ABS and notched out a step for the charging handle. I need to look and see if there are any reference pictures to how for the handle stands out. 1
  3. That sounds like you've got a big jump start on the whole operation John. You'll be trooping like a trooper in no time!
  4. Deeper into the weeds with the rotary switch tonight. I enlarged the hole a bit more inside the handle so that I could get the switch closer to the top of the opening after reviewing some more Sterling pictures from Aarons Blaster compendium. I also decided I would use some thicker ABS than I was. That decision was more based on the fact that I goofed it up and had no more that size. I am happy with what I have gotten so far. Realistically this part of the handle is all that's left to do besides wiring it all together during final assembly. I did change the wiring of several components to a 32 AWG ribbon cable so that it looks more clean when I run those wires to the Hengstler and scope but that will be a post for another day. Here are new pics of the handle and Rotary switch opening placement and the new ABS cover sheet.
  5. Welcome Back Jerome! Pretty awesome to see you getting back in there.
  6. I know there is a reference out there somewhere for where the handle and counter all relate to each other but I can't find it today. It will be very important soon. If anyone knows where I could find that I would be much obliged. Meanwhile, here is my handle. an important not is that I have received my BlastFX electronics and it is glorious! I have a trigger assembly from Shape Ways and am installing the optional rotary switch. I shaved the doopy doo selector handle and gave it a little bump with the dremmel to make a divot where it slides onto the rotary switch. I also filed out the gap in the rotary switch and slid it in. And now it's in there for good... probably. I made the hole for the trigger assembly. Now this isn't lining up perfectly just yet. The front of the trigger is just barely rubbing the inside of the trigger guard. I may need to leave the trigger assembly sticking out the top of the handle. I already have cut a hole in the bottom of the blaster tube to facilitate moving wires.
  7. (11) 04/23/2020 Phoenix Children's Hospital Virtual Trivia contest TK W/ CDZ4861, CDRO4877 With in person troops still sparse we did another Virtual Troop with Phoenix Children's Hospital. They do great trivia contests for the kids who can call in from their rooms.
  8. Stephanie, I don't know about the AM armor as mine is Anovos but it's certainly an excellent idea to plan on going straight for Centurion. Welcome aboard. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  9. Hopefully the E-11 Gods don't frown on this. As I glued the clip it moved a little bit rearwards and then stuck. The end cap still goes on so I'm gonna leave it. Unless of course I hear that it's sacrilege..
  10. Worked on my end cap clip. Used another fine component from T-Jays kit along with a 3d printed part. I tried to free the clip from the single piece of resin that came with the Doopydoos but got overzealous and trimmed too much. I folded over a piece of an old baking sheet that's been chopped up to make the spring and pinned it with a touch of super glue. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  11. Welcome aboard Fred! If the planet Maryland is anything like Arizona there's not much happening right now. Hopefully you've checked out the EIB and Centurion threads. Hey, you know what else? Start a build thread of your own. You'll never be more than a post away from some good solid advice. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  12. Made some time to do some painting today. First I started with the scope. A coat of brass followed by some toothpaste to make weathered spots and then some satin canyon black. I didn't like that so much so I toned it down with some matte black. Still seems a little shiny so I may hit it with some plain old flat black in the morning. I also applied an aluminium finish to the entire body. I think I like that much better than the "silver metallic" paint I used previously. I think the softer color and less harsh metal flake is more appealing to the eye. Afterwards I attached my 3d printed magazine well and filled in the gaps with the green stuff.
  13. Welcome to FISD Ghost rider. You're in the right place and company! While you wait for BBB don't forget to look around the forums and learn all you can. You mentioned it being a commission build, does that mean it's being built and sized for you? Don't forget every trooper needs a good blaster at their side. There are many options from rubber, resin and even 3D printed these days to choose from. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  14. Last night I had painted the bolt. I used primer grey then a layer of flat black with this metallic silver. I'm not sure the silver was the way to go. Should I have just used some sort of grey?
  15. Got a couple nifty new 3D printed parts from my buddy and his resin printer. They were found on Thiniverse here: Sterling SMG. A very detailed Sterling with another file of parts to turn it into an E-11. They are an excellent match to everything I wanted to fix on my Doopydoo. Kudo's to TK14082 for this great design. I have also threw on a coat of primer on the main parts and started painting some of the smaller bits.
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