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  1. You should be sizing it to yourself. Many tutorials will show the measurements they are working with for who they are building for as a way to show how to do it. You can use that as a guide so you know if something is not right such as if your measurements have been a little smaller each step of the way and suddenly you've got a piece that measures wildly larger than the thread your reading / watching. If it's too big it's not only going to look funny but be cumbersome to wear. Besides, you don't want to look like you're wearing your Daddy's armor.
  2. Very nice! Looking forward to them becoming a reality.
  3. So far so good. I think your biceps look good. Are you going to notch the ends of the cover strips?
  4. The important thing about the cover strip is that it lines up properly and covers the seam between the two pieces. The angle at the end doesn't have to be precise. I'd take some pictures of my own but I'm not home. Take a look at Tony's build and the assembly of his biceps. You can see there's a slight angle on the cover strip end respective to the return edge but from the top to bottom it runs straight relative to the sides.
  5. I concur. Do the outside cover strip and let that set up before you do the inside. I wouldn't do the inside until the next day if that soon. I had a couple pieces that I thought were done and had to break back apart later to make adjustments. So unless you really need that interior strip in there I'd wait until you were almost complete with the whole build. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  6. Once you put the cover strip on it should keep that from popping out like that. If you want some more assurance that it won't pull apart you can add a second cover strip to the inside from ABS scraps.
  7. On the bicep it looks good lined up in the first pic. I would say if you're looking to trim any more that you lay the one over the other to mark it. But don't do that if it'll make it too small.. The cover strips should run straight. As far as the forearms don't forget to factor in your undersuit and the gloves get tucked into the forearms. They'll be difficult to slide the excess of your rubber gloves if they're too tight. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  8. Yes, the flat side you'll want to keep correctly sized for your cover strip width. So they should be about half the size of the cover strip on each of the flat edges. On the other side you will be able to do your fine tuning since it will be the back and it does not have the ridge.
  9. Welcome to FISD Alexander and good luck on your submission!
  10. You're gonna want to size it to yourself. I would encourage you not to make it too tight. You're going to want to have some room to move around, flex your muscles as you walk, move, and get around. I found once I had all my pieces built I still had to make a couple minor adjustments so don't fret trying to get them absolutely perfect the first go. Finding ways to enlarge a part is much harder than trimming one down. Sounds like you're already planning it but when you make those cuts along the sides of the biceps and forearms try to even out the distance as much as possible so your cover s
  11. Looking good so far. I too use several different techniques to trim. Razor blade and dremel being my primary. I usually find myself taking several passes as I feel it's safer to take the time and cut a little bit at a time than run the risk of cutting too much. Once you've gotten those biceps made you'll be rocking and rolling on the next parts. When you get to the forearms you'll want there to be no return edge on the wrist side. On the elbow side you can still keep some of you wish. Also, it's a good idea to wear your undershirt when test fitting. That way you know for sure you've gott
  12. By all means Post away! We're here to help! If you can't figure something out don't hesitate to ask here on your build thread. There's always a trooper lurking about with an idea or link to what you're looking for.
  13. Looks like an exciting build about to happen! Your Vocoder is actually on the face of your helmet and just needs a coat of paint. Perhaps you mean your Hovi tips? The black cylindrical tusks with wire mesh in the dimples on the front? I didn't see them in your photos. I would say that following an RS build would be a great idea. I have an Anovos kit and followed Tony's build that was already referenced above. It was expertly detailed. Being that you have a different maker there may be some small differences but overall the armor is all very similar maker to maker. Another s
  14. Welcome to FISD Daren! You are in the right place for help. Glen has already gotten you some handy links but there is still a wealth of knowledge around here for you to check out. It wouldn't hurt to start a build in progress thread while you work on your shiny new armor. There loads of folks on here all the time that are willing to share their knowledge and advice.
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