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  1. Welcome to FISD Dan! Sounds like you'll be suited up in no time.
  2. I ordered mine September 2019 and was "Dispatched" last October. It arrived shortly after that. Maybe I got the last one?
  3. Welcome to FISD Bryan! You are with good company here. I admire your efforts on combining your health goals with the goal of being a Storm Trooper! It's never too late to join the ranks. Have you decided on which version of Storm trooper you would like to build? Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  4. Welcome to FISD Wayne! It's great to have you aboard.
  5. Oh I like that. I might try it out on my next test. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  6. Below is another note from my EIB application on a Centurion requirement I will need to address. It appears that I made a mistake on where I placed the three rivets on the side of the abdomen. CRL: Three rivets, approximately 5/16"(8mm) diameter, are present on the left side of the abdomen armor... equally spaced along the depth of the armor and about 10mm from the edge. We have a challenging issue here but we have confidence that you can do it! Unfortunately, the rivets on the ab plate sit too far back from the edge and, for level 3, will need to be moved closer as seen below. The ones on the kidney appear to be farther, but we are taking into account that there is a return edge (as seen by the dotted line) right next to them. They also need to be horizontally aligned. After moving them, the holes can be filled with ABS paste and then sanded/polished. A bit of a task, of course, but we have faith in you! Reference Images In order to fix this I am going to need to remove those rivets ans move them over to the appropriate location nearly 10 mm from where they are. I have two options to accomplish this feat. The first is to remove and replace the rivets and fill the holes using ABS paste. The other requires trimming off equal amounts of the ab plate from both sides to maintain uniformity. Now I haven't decided which route to take but wanted to try a couple things first before coming to a decision. I decided it was probably best to do a trial run on the ABS Paste repair that would be needed to fill in the holes that will be left behind. I took out a leftover piece of ABS and drilled three like size holes. In case you are unfamiliar with the ABS paste process Here is Kman's most excellent tutorial. Next, I proceeded to fill the holes and waited for it to dry. After it was dry I moved on to sanding. Looking at these results I am not happy with the process yet. You can see the holes are quite noticeable. I think my ABS paste was not smooth enough and air pockets allowed bits of debris to get caught in the gaps and voids making it look awful. Another thing to note is that the ABS paste fuses to all it touches so if you are not careful it gets everywhere and increases the surface area you need to sand and repair afterwards. I may be taping off the work area to help keep it clean. Alas I have more supplies and since this was only a test I will try again to hone my ABS paste skills!
  7. Welcome to the white armor trooper! I am on the opposite path having starting here and now working on tranferring To a Tie Pilot. Good luck on your EIB! Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  8. There still hope amigo! Now that you've started your build it will roll like a snowball gaining traction downhill. Maybe you can be the squeaker and get in just under the line.
  9. Ha Sly! Funny you mention that. The thought of holding off to be Lucky #1000 had crossed my mind too. But then I figured it would be just my luck that several others did too and there would be a mad last minute onslaught of submissions that would push me back to 1003 or something. So glad I'm all done! Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  10. Very cool James. Looking forward to your progress.
  11. Very nice sir. Just a sanding to make em smooth and on to the next part. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  12. Yeah progress! I like the binder idea. When I was building mine I had like 20 tabs constantly open in my browser and would bounce back and forth between them. I think your binder idea is great. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  13. How is the progress coming? I have another blaster project and am looking forward to this nifty innovation.
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