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  1. Last night I had painted the bolt. I used primer grey then a layer of flat black with this metallic silver. I'm not sure the silver was the way to go. Should I have just used some sort of grey?
  2. Got a couple nifty new 3D printed parts from my buddy and his resin printer. I have also threw on a coat of primer on the main parts and started painting some of the smaller bits.
  3. You found the right place Jay! Here we all can disclose our inner nerd freely. Welcome and take a look around to learn as much as you can before you start building.
  4. Welcome fellow aviator! You're gonna love this. It's really great fun giving back to the community as a trooper. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  5. Great news Stuart, welcome aboard! There will never be enough of us storm troopers. There's a whole lot of info out there and it can seem overwhelming. Especially when you see your next project calling. Stay focused and start a build thread here on FISD too! We'd love to see what you are working on.
  6. Made some Scope rail progress tonight! When I was making the pin for the rear sight I had the brilliant idea to make it one piece so it goes all the way through. So it kinda goes all the way and seemed to be a slight hinderance for the scope rail. I decided to add a little spacer from the scrap aluminium to raise my rail to a more level appearance and compensate for that odd bump in the back.
  7. Welcome aboard Cameron! Sounds like you are on the right track. Can't wait to see your build thread pop up!
  8. Just need to complete my blaster and submit. Now to get that nose to the grindstone.
  9. That's an awesome plan Ian! Just like everyone else is saying get a build thread going and you'll get loads of tips as you go. Just remember to take your time and ask questions if you come across anything you're unsure about. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  10. Welcome Higgy. Can't wait to see your progress.
  11. (10) 4/23/2020 Phoenix Children's Hospital Star Wars trivia and virtual troop with Ohmni robots!
  12. Thanks to a virtual troop with me appearing on a robot I hit 10 troops!
  13. They did Goldie! Thanks Tom! Thanks to everybody who sent cards. Due to all the Corona lock downs the kids have been having their classes on computer at home and supplementing their instruction by having zoom meetings a couple times a day. They shared their post cards yesterday during one of their meeting and had quite the discussion. I even had to jump in and explain the 501st.
  14. Great job kiddo[emoji6]! Welcome to the club. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  15. Welcome to the dark side Chris. Might I suggest you begin a build thread? You can document your progress and if you have questions or concerns as you go you can get quick responses and guidance. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  16. Welcome Brad, TK's are the best and unfortunately there will never be enough of us around to properly defend the empire! Sounds like you've got a lot of great help right there in your Garrison. That UKSwrath fella has been heard of all around and has great stuff. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  17. It's an ugly mess that I need to clean up a bit but, it's in the cheek well. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  18. Size wise I have used a couple of packs that were single port just like that ATOM and ANKER you linked to in my bucket. They fit ok. I'm using a lipstick charger now with a single port and I have wired up a old breadboard section with some switches so I can turn my two pairs of fans on and off independently as well as my hearing assist.
  19. Welcome Dave! It is a load of fun isn't it? I got to 9 troops in my ANH TK before all this happened. We're all dying to get back out there. Since you already gotten bit by the bug you have the advantage of not missing anything while you build.
  20. Welcome Dan. It may seem daunting but once you've completed one piece you'll sit there starting at what you've made feeling a sense of glorious satisfaction and feel invigorated to complete another. Keep researching and preparing my friend. You've just stepped aboard a rollercoaster of pride. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  21. I realized this too late and didn't fix it.. I meant to say Sven, please tell me there's more but got mixed up.
  22. Dracotrooper, please tell me there's more to your build !
  23. Welcome Derek! Definitely a good time to put to good use.
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