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  1. That's a great Boba. And you're hitting it all out of the park. There's never enough white amor in the field. Welcome aboard!
  2. I have it pointing down and to the right if you are looking down the barrel so let's say 5 o'clock. Maybe these pictures will help?
  3. Hi Pola, I placed my strip into a clear acrylic tube. Then I could slide it down the barrel without it getting stuck on something along the way and bunching up.
  4. That is a lot of effort that will be well rewarded when complete. Looks like this isn't your first rodeo.
  5. Welcome aboard trooper! Looking forward to you tackling those higher levels.
  6. Welcome to FISD Bobby! Looks like you are well on your way. Looking forward to watching your build thread!
  7. Hey there Andrew! Glad you've posted on here. When I bought my armor I felt the same way as you do. I didn't have the confidence or the know how to do it on my own. I wanted to partner up with someone to help guide me in person and lead me down the correct path. My armor arrived and ended up sitting in it's big ole box waiting for me to do something with it for way too long. I never had any luck connecting with the local garrison just because of my work schedule and the only offer of assistance I got was from someone who said they would build my armor for me and give it back. So I checked out build threads right here on FISD, looked at the EIB (Expert Infantry Level 2) and Centurion (Level 3) applications that others made with armor from the same vendor and eventually spoke to someone else I found who has armor and they're advice was simple, "start with one piece". By then I had gotten sick of looking at my pieces just sitting in that box so I started with one piece. I was so nervous about making the wrong cut but I followed along with a build thread that someone had made. Once I did that, it was on like Donkey Kong. I started my own build thread and any time I had a question or concern I would post that into my build thread. Usually by the end of the day or even within hours I would have answers and suggestions pouring in to help guide me along. Despite having only ever met a couple of the folks I talk to on the forum in person, I got way more help from them than I did from anyone in person. The camaraderie here is second to none. We are troopers helping troopers (even the aspiring trooper ). So ask your questions and feel confident that you have come to the Mecca of screen accurate stormtrooper and when you are ready, Build that beautiful set of armor so you too can be one of the bad guys doing good!
  8. 19 Tucson, AZ Dream Night at the Reid Park Zoo 09/18/2021
  9. Way to go sir! Congratulations and welcome to the Garrison.
  10. How is the delay using this Bluetooth transmitter and your earbuds? I tried a similar setup and there was a very noticeable one.
  11. Once again Glen saves my day! Thanks Glen, that works. I used to get a link from a button on the side but simply copying the address with a right click does the trick!
  12. Thanks Glen, I'll give that a shot.
  13. I've started having trouble getting the photos I have on Imgur to be displayed as other than a link on FISD when I make new posts now. Is that the same kind of trouble?
  14. (17) Flagstaff 4th of July Parade My first troop with my whole troop! CREY4878, CDZ4861, CDZ4877 https://imgur.com/a/30nb7Nc
  15. I am digging this way more than I should be. Keep posting the updates!
  16. Congrats and welcome aboard trooper! You have an excellent looking set of armor.
  17. Welcome Matt! Can't wait to see your progress once that BBB arrives.
  18. Congrats Justin! Well deserved sir.
  19. Looks nice Steve! I also have an Anovos kit that came with a pre-built helmet. You are ahead of the game a little with the rest of your kit being pre-made but don't let that stop you. I hadn't seen one lined on the inside of the armor before, that's is interesting to me. You're Brow is fine with the length but the inside of the helmet you will definitely want to address the padding situation. I too didn't like the way they did the eyes and cleaned them up as well. You may also want to double check the screws they used on the ears. They should be V shaped counter sunk screws but it doesn't look like that is what they used in your picture. Glen has already given some good tips on the frown. A few of the teeth look like they just turn the corner onto your gums. I used a toothpick and some Goo Gone to go back and forth over that corner to clean them up.
  20. Welcome to FISD! That's great that you're looking to help others. It's the most rewarding part of trooping. Have you reached out to your local Garrison via their forums as well? Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  21. Hey Howdy Hey there Steve! Glad you've made it over to the FISD. You are correct this is a lot of fun. All the smiles you can bring whilst being an anonymous cog in the imperial machine are well with the investment in your costume and time. And as Glenn already mentioned you can get double duty out of that costume with just a couple add ons. Good luck sir. I look forward to your build beginning. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  22. Very nice so far. I followed that same build that Tony documented so well and am happy he did. Keep up the good work! What was your belt fix? It looks like you were able to strengthen the Anovos belt and reuse it?
  23. Congrats on your approval Natalie. Good luck on your first troop!
  24. Welcome to FISD Dameon. If you want to run your armor through a pre-approval here we have a place for that. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/191-tk-pre-approvals/
  25. Hey Matt, as far as the top not lining up, after you get the front cover strips on you could give it another look. If it isn't lining up in the back when you wear it then maybe a hot water bath to reshape it a little might help. The backs will be concealed by your cover strip. The cover strip should be the only piece that overlaps anything. The ones pictured may be closing up on themselves but once you stick a leg in there will probably butt together.
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