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  1. Welcome aboard Danny. There's loads of info on the forum and plenty to get acquainted with as you begin the R1 journey. Seems to be a pretty regularly used kit by Lucas film these days.
  2. I would also have to echo this statement. Glen has offered up many pearls of wisdom to me, and located things in the forums I knew existed but could not find. His knowledge and omnipresence is amazing. Thank you and congratulations Glen.
  3. Forearms: Belt snaps were too tight to allow the belt to stay any higher so I removed and raised their position.
  4. Welcome aboard! Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  5. No time to stop. Here the link to my Centurion application. Just a couple of photo reshoots were needed and a screw tightened so far. I can't seem to get my belt to ride high enough after fixing my Ab buttons so I'm going to remove and fill in the holes for the snaps and install another reinforcement of ABS to strengthen the area. I already noticed some marks indicative of stress around one of the snaps so I'm looking to address that.
  6. Welcome to FISD Kenneth! While FB is hip and cool the white armor forum is truly the place to be to get all the best info. Can't wait to see your WIP. Add the link to this post too so we can check it out.
  7. Seems I had a screw loose. I got help, it's all better now. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  8. Congrats trooper! Good luck on climbing the ranks to Centurion.
  9. Welcome Lucas, I applaud your service and commitment to honor your brother by joining the 501st. Welcome aboard!
  10. Take that! You unauthorized weathering on the grip! I repainted the E-11 grip with a couple new coats of paint. I'm going to try to let this cure a bit more before I touch it. Some days I just can't help myself but to pick it up, flip it on, and imagine blasting some rebels. But for now I really want this new coat to stick.
  11. Thanks, Sha Sha Here's the updated pictures: Picture of back and kidney showing no overlap. S-Trim put back in place.
  12. Thanks fellas. I hit it with a little more paint last night. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks Glen, You have a great eye. I know I will have to repaint that grip for sure I'm just hoping to get through this before I take the time to remove the handle and strip it down. Everytime I hold my blaster the grip shows a little more paint worn away so it's inevitable. But if I have to dust it for now to get me by I'll do it. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks Glen, I think the back plate just got caught somehow when I put it on for pictures. It usually doesn't sit like that so I hadn't noticed when I was checking everything else. As far as the helmet I don't have any padding at the top. My nugget goes up in there as high as I can get it or I feel I can't see well enough. My blaster, I think I forgot to primer the grip before I painted it. I guess I can give it a quick pass to clear for now but I just know I am gonna have to take that paint all the way back off and hit it with some primer if I want it to stick for good. Did you see a T-Track that looked weathered? I can retouch those too but don't see any weathering.
  15. TK41469 Requesting ANH Stunt TK Centurion Status [ANOVOS] Name: Scott W TKID: 41469 Garrison: Dune Sea Garrison / Jundland Wastes Squad Forum Name: Hesikaya Armor: Anovos Helmet: Anovos Blaster: Doopy Doos E-11 / 3D Parts / BlastFX Height: 5’09 Weight: 160 Boots: Imperial Boots Belt: Kittell Hand Plates: Trooper Bay Electronics: TK Talkie /Self Made Hearing assist Neck Seal: Darman Holster: Anovos EIB Application Full Body Front and rear Left arm raised Right arm raised Armor Details: Ab/Kidney Armor Details: Gloves Armor Details: interior attachments Armor Details: Shoulder Bridges Armor Details: Thigh Pack Armor Details: Knee Plate Armor Details: Drop Box Armor Details: Cod and Butt Plate Attachment Helmet Details Blaster Details Neck Seal Thermal Detonator Action Shot
  16. I think I fixed my holes. This was a daunting task at first but I learned a lot. I wish I had taken a lot more pictures along the way but here's how I fixed my Ab rivets being in the wrong location ie 20MM instead of 10 from the edge. All said and done I now realize I am skinny enough that I could have gone the "Ninja" route that TKspartan suggested above but I went ahead and removed, filled, and replaced all of the split rivets. When I was doing tests on this procedure I made a few errors. First I was making the test holes far larger than the 1/8th inch holes I was really going to need to fill on my armor. Second I didn't have a good selection of sand paper. I had been trying to form the filler circles by hand and let me tell you, trying to make a little perfect circle smaller than the cap of a pen is a huge pain in the exhaust port. I discovered that I had a leather punch that makes almost perfectly sized circles to fit the 1/8th inch holes. If you do this let me emphasize that you should only do ONE circle at a time. I was using a very small screwdriver to force the plugs back out so to prevent damaging them I would cut a thin scrap ABS first then the target thickness next. I would then push them backwards out the cutting side but that would leave an impression hence the sacrificial piece first. I removed all the split rivets and used painters tape on one side of the armor. Took a Q-tip with acetone and rubbed the inside of the hole before dropping in the plug. Be very careful with how much acetone you use! If too much gets on the outside of your armor you may have more work. Also be sure if you tape the outside that it seals well. One of mine did not and I had a couple acetone marks to repair / sand. Don't worry, the mark next to the hole pictured is just pencil. Every one wasn't perfect so I added some ABS paste to a couple and after some sanding with 1000 grit sandpaper, some oxidation remover and then moving onto high gloss polish that I had in the garage for use on my fiberglass jet ski it turned out nice. There's a slightly noticeable spot where each hole used to be on the Ab. Most of the holes on the kidney were under the lip of the split rivets.
  17. Should be able to finish TKSpartans list by tomorrow!
  18. Welcome to FISD Dan! Sounds like you'll be suited up in no time.
  19. I ordered mine September 2019 and was "Dispatched" last October. It arrived shortly after that. Maybe I got the last one?
  20. Welcome to FISD Bryan! You are with good company here. I admire your efforts on combining your health goals with the goal of being a Storm Trooper! It's never too late to join the ranks. Have you decided on which version of Storm trooper you would like to build? Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  21. Welcome to FISD Wayne! It's great to have you aboard.
  22. Oh I like that. I might try it out on my next test. Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
  23. Below is another note from my EIB application on a Centurion requirement I will need to address. It appears that I made a mistake on where I placed the three rivets on the side of the abdomen. CRL: Three rivets, approximately 5/16"(8mm) diameter, are present on the left side of the abdomen armor... equally spaced along the depth of the armor and about 10mm from the edge. We have a challenging issue here but we have confidence that you can do it! Unfortunately, the rivets on the ab plate sit too far back from the edge and, for level 3, will need to be moved closer as seen below. The ones on the kidney appear to be farther, but we are taking into account that there is a return edge (as seen by the dotted line) right next to them. They also need to be horizontally aligned. After moving them, the holes can be filled with ABS paste and then sanded/polished. A bit of a task, of course, but we have faith in you! Reference Images In order to fix this I am going to need to remove those rivets ans move them over to the appropriate location nearly 10 mm from where they are. I have two options to accomplish this feat. The first is to remove and replace the rivets and fill the holes using ABS paste. The other requires trimming off equal amounts of the ab plate from both sides to maintain uniformity. Now I haven't decided which route to take but wanted to try a couple things first before coming to a decision. I decided it was probably best to do a trial run on the ABS Paste repair that would be needed to fill in the holes that will be left behind. I took out a leftover piece of ABS and drilled three like size holes. In case you are unfamiliar with the ABS paste process Here is Kman's most excellent tutorial. Next, I proceeded to fill the holes and waited for it to dry. After it was dry I moved on to sanding. Looking at these results I am not happy with the process yet. You can see the holes are quite noticeable. I think my ABS paste was not smooth enough and air pockets allowed bits of debris to get caught in the gaps and voids making it look awful. Another thing to note is that the ABS paste fuses to all it touches so if you are not careful it gets everywhere and increases the surface area you need to sand and repair afterwards. I may be taping off the work area to help keep it clean. Alas I have more supplies and since this was only a test I will try again to hone my ABS paste skills!
  24. Welcome to the white armor trooper! I am on the opposite path having starting here and now working on tranferring To a Tie Pilot. Good luck on your EIB! Sent from my sorrosuub C1 comm link device using Tapatalk
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