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TK-70017 Reporting In!

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TK-70017, a Rogue One Stormtrooper, reporting in!




My journey started back in February, when I met up with a trooper and he showed me his costumes and the forums. I was hooked! I ordered my fiberglass R1TK bucket from Jimmiroquai and started working on it in April. In June I ordered his armor and two-piece undersuit. I finished just in time for Halloween and was approved as the 14th R1TK!! Let's see some more R1TKs!!


My build thread and lessons learned:

- I selected Jim's flexible fiberglass because I liked the crisp lines and thickness. It sounds more substantial than ABS when the pieces knock together, in my opinion.

- Lots of sanding, spreading putty, and more sanding...

- I spray painted with Rustoleum, about 6 cans of primer, 5 of satin white (for the interior), and 15 cans of gloss white.

- I had issues with gloss clear overcoats, so I didn't do it, but that might've protected it better from some chipping that has already happened.

- I used E6000, and then CA glue (when that started peeling away) to attach the ammo boxes to the belt. I may have to rivet them in the future...

- The Gallery is insanely helpful in finding reference images!

- In the words of @gmrhodes13, "Measure twice cut once (or in this case, trial fit then trim)."



No blaster yet, but I'm looking into a 3D printer and will make an E-11 one of my first projects...


A huge thanks to @11b30b4 and @TheRascalKing for documenting their R1TK processes, but especially to @gmrhodes13 for the constant and reliable insight!

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