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  1. You might be able to fill it with some Bondo. But then I'd probably try to coat it with fiberglass sheets and/or resin to make sure it holds.
  2. I used Bondo 3004.7858 201224-4PK All Purpose Fiberglass Resin, 28.8 Fluid Ounces https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003ODJ8J4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_Sq1UaC3svrgCL. It was almost not enough, but yeah I coated the inside of everything for added strength and reduced itchiness! Use disposable brushes for it, otherwise you need something special (I forget what) to rinse your brush out (water doesn't work).
  3. Looking forward to your build! I used a Dremel and some small files for the cutouts. It took patience, but Jim's helmet held up! I first coated the inside with resin for some extra strength though, so that may be the reason.
  4. Yeah I was sad to keep going back and cutting, then spraying again, but I only did gloss white. Saved me a step, but your clear coat look amazing! Nice action shot too [emoji23] just flexing, saying "don't you dare, Rebel scum"
  5. Looks good man! I'm glad you're finally getting ready to submit it!! I was gonna mention the butt/thigh gap, but you beat me too it ;-)
  6. First off, glad to hear about the test! Fingers crossed they keep coming back negative! Excited that you finally got some work done! Helmet looks great! TD too! I think the thigh cuts look reasonable. I felt the same uneasiness, seeing different depth cuts in the movie, so I also opted to drop the inside for movement. Don't be surprised if you suit up and still need to trim down a little more...
  7. TK-70017, a Rogue One Stormtrooper, reporting in! My journey started back in February, when I met up with a trooper and he showed me his costumes and the forums. I was hooked! I ordered my fiberglass R1TK bucket from Jimmiroquai and started working on it in April. In June I ordered his armor and two-piece undersuit. I finished just in time for Halloween and was approved as the 14th R1TK!! Let's see some more R1TKs!! My build thread and lessons learned: - I selected Jim's flexible fiberglass because I liked the crisp lines and thickness. It sounds more substantial than ABS when the pieces knock together, in my opinion. - Lots of sanding, spreading putty, and more sanding... - I spray painted with Rustoleum, about 6 cans of primer, 5 of satin white (for the interior), and 15 cans of gloss white. - I had issues with gloss clear overcoats, so I didn't do it, but that might've protected it better from some chipping that has already happened. - I used E6000, and then CA glue (when that started peeling away) to attach the ammo boxes to the belt. I may have to rivet them in the future... - The Gallery is insanely helpful in finding reference images! - In the words of @gmrhodes13, "Measure twice cut once (or in this case, trial fit then trim)." No blaster yet, but I'm looking into a 3D printer and will make an E-11 one of my first projects... A huge thanks to @11b30b4 and @TheRascalKing for documenting their R1TK processes, but especially to @gmrhodes13 for the constant and reliable insight!
  8. And about 1,000 of those posts have been offering advice and guidance on my build. Thanks so much for all of it Glen!!
  9. @11b30b4 I've been approved! The Golden Gate Garrison GML approved me on Nov 16th, and I received my TKID 70017 on the 19th!
  10. TK-70017 California: Golden Gate Garrison 501st Profile: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=33078 Requesting 501st status please!
  11. I just received my TKID and access to the 501st, but I can't create a topic in the Newly Approved Members - Sound Off! Forum. Is it locked? Do I just need to wait longer for the right permissions?
  12. I did it!! I gotta tell you, I'm also finishing up my master's degree right now. I just submitted the initial draft of my thesis to my advisors. BUT...receiving my approval to join the 501st through the Golden Gate Garrison from @RickyBoyBlue made me throw my arms up in triumph!! My wife rolled her eyes So proud to be joining this fine organization. Thanks for the support!! Just waiting on that TKID...
  13. I submitted to join the 501st through California's Golden Gate Garrison!! Wish me luck! Also, we all suited up and walked to my kids' school...one mile round trip! My armor did great, except for my left grave rotating. I'll stick some small velcro squares on my boots and hopefully solve that!
  14. Some gloss white touch up to the thighs and butt plate. Then a lot of trimming some elastic and webbing and installing snaps. The elastic holding my biceps to the bells will now be double-snapped. I tried again to CA glue the edges of the large ammo boxes to the belt. And I started redoing my thigh hanging straps.
  15. I took the last few days off, and spent it convincing myself to trim some more... I took an inch off from the top at the front of the thighs, then gradually curved it so the interior lowered a bit too, and blended into my old lines. I grinded and sanded them down. I think this will help raise them a little! I also trimmed a little from the V on the butt plate. Here's a before pic. Over the next few days I have some snaps to move and straps to adjust...
  16. Thanks Andrew! I mostly went off the old CRL so I'll def mention/link it, but I added some from the new CRL (to make Lvl 2 and 3 easier )!
  17. I submitted for Pre-Approval!! Will this work for an action shot? I already found a few fixes: - Adjust the back plate since it's slightly crooked in the pics - Adjust velcro to close greaves better - Raise bells so they're closer at the top - More glue to large ammo boxes, as their opposite sides are peeling up now - More snaps on bell/bicep elastic straps since one bicep popped off - Redo thigh straps since they loosen too easily - Elastic wraps to cover the thigh clips - Side plate foam so black doesn't transfer to the barrel So happy!!!
  18. 1. First/last name Dan Carrigan 2. Future Garrison/Squad/Outpost or local area Golden Gate Garrison 3. Armor maker Jimmiroquai 4. Helmet maker Jimmiroquai 5. Cloth belt maker N/A 6. Neck seal maker Jimmiroquai 7. Boot maker ImperialBoots 9. Blaster maker (if applicable N/A 10. Gasket maker (if applicable) Jimmiroquai 11. Height (optional) 5' 8" 12. Weight (optional) 150 13. TK type R1TK 14. Name(s) of any Trooper(s) who significantly helped with your build. gmrhodes13, TheRascalKing, ukswrath, 11b30b4 PHOTOS: 1. Front view (arms down) 2. Back view (arms down) 3. Left side (arms raised) 4. Right side (arms raised) 5. Ab plate close-up 6. Helmet close-up (front, left and right sides)
  19. I used E6000 on both ends of the ammo belt to adhere it to the right thigh. I fitted the thighs first and the snaps seem to be in the correct place and they didn't seem to rotate much when I walked around! I used E6000 on the outer side for the sniper knee plate. Since the greaves are still 2 separate pieces, I didn't want to E6000 the whole thing on. Instead I used 2 pieces of velcro to hold the center and inner edge in place. Hopefully this works out! And that's everything! I had some more issues with my large outer ammo boxes peeling off the belt, so I used some CA glue and clamps to try again to hold them down. If that works, then I'm done! I'll probably give an extra day for curing and try on my FULL ARMOR on Sunday! If it's good, I'll get pics, and post for pre-approval!!!
  20. I used E6000 to stick the snaps on thighs, along the side seam (per the CRL). When I try them on I'll decide if I need a "V" strap or a front strap. I also stuck snaps on the barrel and then prepped the straps and 1" clips. I gave in and E6000'd the TD to the belt. I wrapped tape around to hold it in place. Hopefully this works out, or I'll have to look into rivets...
  21. I used E6000 to stick the coverstrips on the thighs yesterday. Clamps and magnets ftw! I peeled tape off the gray portions of the TD. The painting worked well, for the most part. Spots in the end caps peeled up a little, specifically in the left pictures below. I wrapped the thing in tape and sprayed in the end caps again. I know I should have sanded first, but the light at the end of the tunnel is too bright It looks pretty good now. I test fitted the thighs with its adjacent pieces. They're going to fit so much better since I trimmed them! I put squares of tape where I'll E6000 snaps inside. I'm going to try just a single strap on the outside first. If that doesn't hold properly (straight and centered), then I'll look into adding additional straps. I know gmrhodes13 pointed out a 2nd strap more forward on the side coming out at an angle (like a "V"). Are there other approvable strapping options? @TheRascalKing, Justin I think your pics showed a strap in the front (aligned with the coverstrip), is that in an acceptable spot?
  22. Great progress man! Love seeing pics of your work! I'm glad you figured out Paul's shoulder brackets. I might need to switch out Jim's shoulder straps someday too... Do you really think your barrel is too high? The chest plate isn't covering too much of the front details. Maybe you just need to trim down the top of the barrel so the side plates cover it..? I'm about to strap my thighs on too! Are you using 2 (one in the front and one on the side)? Glad to hear about your tests. Fingers crossed your tests keep coming back negative!! Congrats on the engagement!
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