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Hi from Westchester, IL!

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Greetings all - just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi.  My name is Andy and while I'm not a member of the 501st yet - I will be.  How's that for confidence!  Doing so has been a goal of mine for many many years.  Now I finally have an opportunity to act on it.  I looking at the ANH Hero and have been having a chat with TM.  Given my height - around 5'6" - 5'6.5" -  he's suggested perhaps going for the "Luke" version.  I think that makes sense but any thoughts?  If I go that route, are there things I should be aware of with regard to submitting eventually for 501st approval.  I've been scouring the threads and haven't really found anything - but there's a lot of material.  BTW, if I should have posted those questions somewhere else, just point me there.  Thanks much - it's pretty exciting - even for an older guy like me.  Cheers!



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Hi Andy,

Congrats on making one of the best decision of your life. ;)


For Hero builds, be sure to check out the CRLs, the reference library, and other builds for guidance.  Also, reach out to your local Garrison - they may have build parties and people to help you in person.


Anyway, here are some links to help get started with your hero build:







You can also check out the Centurion submission thread for examples of other's hero builds.  "Hero" should be in the title of the post if it is a hero build.



Enjoy the research and good luck on your build!


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Welcome to FISD Andy, good luck with your project.  We are here to help so don't worry about asking whatever you need about the Stormtrooper Armor Building.


looking fordward to see your advance.


Cheers  :salute:

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Hello Andy,


Welcome to FISD.


Again, the key to a good build is reseach. Take your time and go through the starter threads and you will be good. Hope you enjoy.


Good luck.

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Hi Andy and welcome to the FISD!  TM is an excellent choice for armor. I don’t know if you are looking for him to fully commission the armor for you but I think you should consider having him build your helmet for you. Paul is amazing at what he does there. The armor is always nice to build on your own. If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask. 

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