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New and excited to start!

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Hey! I’ve spent the last few days lurking around for answers here but I have a question I couldn’t seem to find the answer to. I bought my husband a RS prop replica kit for Christmas a few years back and we are just starting to build it now. My question; I think we want to go with the snap build as that seems to be the recommended course of action. When I bought the kit I didn’t buy the strapping add on from RS Prop, will I need that in addition to the supplies laid out in the supply post (snaps, split rivets, etc) or will we be able to assemble with the supplies listed? Just wondering since the strapping kit is £99 and shipping to Canada is a touch rich for my blood at the moment.  Thanks in advance for the help, we are super excited to get started. This site has already provided me with more information that I can process so I know I’m in the right place! 

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20 hours ago, Pjk said:

will we be able to assemble with the supplies listed? 

Hi Chelsea, Glad to read you're next to start a TK Build.  I think the Strapping kit would not  be necessary  since the supply list does include them.


You can check the following forum section to learn how to builde the strapping.


Hope this can help and good luck with your build.













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Welcome, Chelsea!  As Mario mentioned, you can make the straps yourself pretty inexpensively using my Supply List thread.  Most of the items for that can be found at craft/hobby or fabric stores.

There are a few tutorials I have below, including one on how to make your own straps.

My advice would be to start a build thread in the link that was provided above.  This way, you can ask all the questions you want to in one place, post photos (we LOVE photos) and show off the build as it progresses!


Always feel free to post up any questions you have... we are here to help!


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Hello and welcome to FISD.


You can certainly make your own strapping and it will not cost you an arm. Be sure to check the links above.


Have fun.

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I am guessing you have read my Supply list thread, and since you are making your own, one item from that list I would highly suggest picking up is the woodburning tool.  These are available fairly inexpensively at Amazon or the like and will save you a TON of time.  They can be used to burn the holes in the straps for inserting snaps as well as sealing the ends of the straps so they don't fray.  Hint:  If you do use one of these, use it outdoors or in a well ventilated area.  Burning nylon stinks to high Heavens.  



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