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Rogue One Tank Trooper (Hovertank Trooper) Build Thread


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Hi to Everybody , am huge fan , but a beginner on build an armor, and  have working on this project for the Movie premier.
i hope you like it , and really want to ear you Pro opinions , thanks and sorry for my english .




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Wow, that's awesome!! Great job Fernando!

I thought it would be another lame thread from someone winning about "I want to make this costume, where do I buy it?! "... But you're really doing your part of the job and looks really good.

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Wooooow <br>

Suuuuupercool. I'm so blown away about what eva foam can be turn into in the right hands...<br>

This look really nice.<br>

Do you have pictures of the finished helmet? I love the look of this particular bucket and yours is great.<br>


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