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  1. Unfortunately Hyperform doesn't send to germany. Does anybody know where to get a near perfect SE-14R? Cheers Olli
  2. A member(Hausi) of the 501st German Garrison build two of these Helmets. Great stuff ! Unfortunately all fotos are gone by the photobucket issue.
  3. The strapping is a really good idea ! Love it.
  4. Wow... that sounds very interesting. Keen on seeing the film.
  5. Hi Hans, I think it better to wear your black stormtrooper underwear if you try a get your armor in the right shape.
  6. I used a towel formed as a ball for open the bells, and placed it in until the plastic was cold. It worked fine for me. Be very carefull when heating the bells ! Don't stay to long on one place otherwise it will show ugly waves.
  7. Hi there, I'm also looking for the Big Toy. Do RSPros send the DLT19again? My last information(Mail from Nov.2016) regarding RSprops is, they don't send the DLT because there were some problems with the postal service in the past.
  8. Wow man.... what a great paint and wheatering job. By the way you work I think you painted some models before. Mayby 1:35 or something like that...
  9. Hi Fernando, welcome here. And congrats to your great project ! I think the Armored Cavalery Detachment could be a good start for the Hovertank Pilot build. http://forum.armoredcavalry.net
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