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  1. Good to hear mate. Was a bit dissapointed at this troop last year. There was almost more costumers than punters, the changing room was way too small and we were definately not allowed anywhere on the studio lot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks all for warm welcome. Plasma I live in Farnborough. Down the M3. Where they have a big airshow every couple of years
  3. Hi guys and girls. My name is Nick and I live in the U.K. in the South East (about 30 mins from London). I am currently building an Anovos TK and am maybe halfway through. Will have to get a build thread going to get myself going a bit. I bought a kit as soon as I saw them offered and with the intention of just the occasional wear and to sit on a mannequin in my living room but the more and more I see other people getting their builds complete and trooping I have come around to thinking if I am making this armour I want to try and make it as awesome as I can and actually put it to good use instead of just a decoration
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