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  1. TI-13793 Ohio Garrison, please enable me for 501st status&lt;br&gt;<br><br> <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25079'>http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25079</a><br> Thanks! Ron
  2. I got to be honest, I certainly feel a whole lot better after having lost weight. I have found that I have more energy than I've had in a long time. And to make things even better, my family doctor has taken me off of high blood pressure and cholesterol medications. So needless to say I'm pretty stoked about that!
  3. I have been overwhelmed last several weeks with work, home projects, getting my boat ready for spring and my honey bees. I only have a few more home spring time projects to finish and my boat is ready to go. My honey bees are doing well so far and I think I'm close to a point that I can take a more hands off approach to them. So hopefully I will soon be able to start working on my armor again soon. <br> For those if you who don't know, I basically had to start all over again with my armor. To make a long story short, I dropped a bunch of weight and the work I had done before was for not. Everything was WAY too big for me. So I had to take everything apart (E6000 made things easier to disassemble) and trim everything. Plus I'm having to cut off some of my return edges and form new ones. Very time consuming to say the least. <br> I haven't been able to get online here much lately because of how busy I've been. Hopefully everyone is doing well and enjoying the new spring weather!
  4. Oddly enough when I read the title of this thread, I thought it would​ be going a different direction. Let me explain if I may. <br> I found out the hard way of drinking Tennessee liquor and building armor. It's just like drinking and driving, they don't mix. I was not drunk, but feeling pretty good. Later I found out I had made some mistakes building my armor. Lesson learned and note to self. Absolutely do not drink alcohol and build armor together. While my mistakes were fixable, the results could be catastrophic. Don't do it!!
  5. I would probably repair the crack first. If the backing strip isn't working, maybe use some Loctite epoxy putty. It won't be flexible there anymore, but it won't crack either.
  6. I haven't seen his armor in person, but I have talked with him a great deal. I even asked him for a sample of the ABS he uses for a color match comparison and he sent me a sample and refused to allow me to reimburse him for shipping costs. I don't really agree with some of the armor bashing that's gone on here and won't participate in any of the drama. I honestly wouldn't have a problem buying armor from him. Take this for what it's worth. And if anyone disagrees with me, that's fine. I'm entitled to my opinion and you yours. I won't take part in any bashing, drama or arguments on this or any other matter.
  7. I'm not a fan of Humbrol really. I'm a Testors guy. I do feel that Humbrol is thinner than Testors and I don't think it covers as well. I can also get smoother results with Testors.
  8. Best way I've found is to either the eat gmrhodes13 suggested or I have a pair of wire strippers that have holes for specific size screws. You thread the screws in to the desired length and squeeze the strippers and it cuts the screw flush. Thread the screw out and your finished.
  9. I have a multi piece ABS helmet and a one piece fiberglass and resin helmet. There are pros and cons to each. I do however prefer the resin helmet. Every TI helmet I've seen varied in size from maker to maker. So which is more screen accurate? I've no idea I'm afraid. It basically boils down to personal preference really. Some people like the big helmets and others don't. WTF makes really nice TI kits. Targ over at JRS probably makes the nicest TI armor I've seen. You can get his in either kit or what he calls "the full monty" that's ready to wear out of the box. I got my ABS armor and helmet kit from another maker over at JRS. It's not quite as nice as Targ's or Walt's kits but I'm happy with it and the price was right, not to mention no real wait time.
  10. I really like his kits. IMO there are none better. They do however require alot of prep work, but the end product is awesome I think. He is a member here by the way. <br> Having said that, I would recommend getting a Hyperfirm to troop with. They don't get much more durable than a Hyperfirm. You would probably have to purposely do something to break a Hyperfirm.
  11. You could maybe take the parts you have and shim them to a larger size.
  12. No I only had to trim away one dimple on mine. But that's what my GML said.
  13. I assume your referring to the square dimples. I needed to do the same thing on my AM 2.0 kit and my GML said it was ok. He said they have to fit your arm and you be able to move.
  14. Anovos does not offer replacement parts, but you do have some options. First I would suggest posting pics of your thighs and explaining what you did incorrectly. Most likely they can be repaired. I've found ABS very easily repaired myself. <br> If they can't be repaired and I doubt that's the case, I would contact Walt and order a replacement set from him. <br> But before you do anything, please post pics.
  15. Yes but your only talking about maybe 1/16" at most. That wouldn't even be noticable if you repaired it like I was talking about. If your not comfortable with fixing it yourself, ship it to me and I will repair it for you if you want. Just pay for return shipping back to you when I'm finished. Yes, the belt with the countersunk squares is the one I was talking about. Really though, I think you could make it centurion approved if you cut cover squares like you did for this belt and put over the countersunk squares on the belt. I think that would work like that instead of using the vac formed squares that came with the kit. You would never know it was like that, unless you looked at it from the back.You would have it attached to your canvas belt and couldn't see the back anyways.
  16. I think it can be fixed honestly. I have found ABS to be very repairable and user friendly. I would sand the two broken edges to about a 45 degree angle or so, put them together with a very slight gap between them, glue a piece on the back to join the two broken pieces, them fill the gap with ABS paste, sand smooth and polish with Novus. I think it would be a good repair. <br> But if your not interested in doing that or whatever, I have the extra AM 2.0 belt I'd be willing to part with. It's the one that has the dimples.
  17. If your in the CONUS, like $25 shipped.
  18. If your looking for TD clips, I'm going to part with a couple pairs of them that I have.
  19. Joseph is correct, Novus is absolutely awesome stuff. I've been amazed at what this stuff will do.
  20. That's the same one I got and it's great! With it's size thought I could see it maybe not working so well with people who have small cars. But I have a four door Chevy Silverado and I can either put it in the truck bed or fold up the back seats and put it in the back cab.
  21. Something I tried just as a experiment. I have one of Darman's 8oz holsters and it is a very nice quality holster. Nice thick heavy leather. But I wanted to try and make my own on the cheap, just to see how well or not it would turn out. I had access to some free leather, but it was rather on the thin side. I think it would be considered upholstery leather or something. I made the holster according to the picture posted above. But what I did to make it usable was I got a sheet of black plastic. Mine was free but I know it's available at craft stores and some office supply stores. I'm not certain if the thickness, but it's about the thickness of poster board or so. It's nice and stiff, but flexible. I glued (E6000) the plastic sheet to the leather. Then sewed the holster together, with the plastic sheeting as a internal liner inside the holster. It actually turned out very well. It's lightweight​ and stiff. I think over the long haul, it will hold up better than the all leather holster. I don't think the plastic will break down and loose it's stiffness as leather will with use.
  22. I don't Facebook either, so I understand where your coming from. <br><br> Walt is a stand up guy and very helpful. He has helped me and I've bought some parts from him. I pm'd Walt right here on the forum. He is a busy guy and may not be able to get a immediate response, but he will get back with you in a reasonable amount of time.<br> Just pm him here and give him your shipping info and he will give you a quote for your armor kit plus shipping. He will also give you his PayPal account and you just send the payment. In a few weeks, depending on how backed up he is, you will receive on your doorstep and WTF armor kit.
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