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Jimmiraquois First Order Stormtrooper Build

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Hey guys, this is my first "topic" on the FISD so bear with me. I'm using tapatalk to upload pics and and links... hope to make this a pic heavy build for everyone that's getting a kit from Jim.

Disclaimer: this is my second armor build ever but I am pretty savvy when it comes to crafts and model building. I also have some experienced builders helping me along the way.

Let's get started:
Here is a link to Jim's kit: http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=245993&highlight=TFA%20armor

Here's the PDF for his instructions---------------


Other Items purchased:


Anovos standard line helmet

MTK pouches

Trooperbay belt

MO3D Printing Officer Pistol

Heston3d Solutions F11-D blaster with removable stock

Trooperbay "Jimmiraquois Decals"

Imperial Boots and Gloves

Extreme Racing Undersuit (stormtrooperundersuit.com)

on the waiting list for imperialgaskets

Ukswrath's Wireless Audio system

Ukswrath's Fan system


I'm probably forgetting some things, but will get to them during the build.  Supplies and Tools will be mentioned during the build as well.

I will be working with Version 3 of Jim's kit (the most current as of right now). The goal here is 501st approval for this armor, and this is one of the few casts that will qualify if assembled correctly.

I got this kit in the mail via express EMS shipping from the Philippines yesterday (4-14-16) and the box looks like they played kickball with it. Luckily, Jim is a "tetris master" and was able to pack everything nice and tight with bubble wrap. There were some minor cracks on the TD and the back/yolk and on the codpiece. but those can be easily repaired.

Here is the kit with anovos helmet and Jim's Gaskets and Armor:














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First things first... once i got the armor i couldn't resist trying on some of the pieces.... dont make the same mistake as me or else you'll have the fiberglass itch for a couple of days!  So sand down the inside of all the parts (i used 220 grit, buy you should probably go more coarse than that).  Eventually, I will be plasti-dipping the inside of all the armor.  Why? because it just looks nice!  I'm sure there is other functionality involved with doing this too.


After i had everything sanded down and washed off with light dish soap, I tried the armor on.... again.   I gotta say, this armor fits me like a glove.  I am a bigger guy at 6'1" size 38 waist, roughly 210 lbs.

However, this armor can be modified for anyone between 5'6" to 6'1" and waistline 32" to 45" according to jims project run thread.


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Today I did some light sanding on the outside of the chest plate with a 220 grit sanding sponge.  i then decided to cut out the pill holes and chest "vent"

First, i took a drill and put two holes in each pill:



Next, I used an Xacto knife to "connect" the drill holes and used the metal file(in above pic) to achieve smooth lines:




i then used a rolled up piece of 220 grit sandpaper and smoothed the pill holes out even more.  Next was the chest vent:


I started with the Xacto knife, and just went for it.  very very very very slowly.  starting with a square, then adding the points on each side.  again using a combination of dremmel, sandpaper and file to get clean lines:





Front View (with Chest Vent cut out)



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Last thing for the day was to mark my cut lines on the biceps and fill in half of the diamond on the biceps....

I'm using "Apoxie Sculpt" to fill in the half of the diamond.  This stuff is amazing:  its able to be handled/sculpted in a 4 hour window and dries rock hard in 24 hours.

obviously, i will sand this down with a needle file and sandpaper once it's cured



Here's my cut line sketch:




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I also signed up for armour + gaskets and have the anovos helmet. Be interested in what paint you use and how well it matches up with the helmet.

As of right now, I think I'm going to go with the rustoleum 2x painters touch gloss white. From what I hear, anovos has stated that this is the best match to their helmet. The only downside is possible cracking due to the extreme flexibility in the ab armor. A custom paint shop would be able to spray flexible paint that would match the color, but that'll cost you a small fortune.c653d0ad821ae82db17547fa5a154aa4.jpg


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Had to run to Home Depot to get a must needed tool for this build.  gonna try and get the pill holes on the biceps done along with the bicep trimming done today.  Gotta take advantage of this beautiful weather and do some sanding outside today too.


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OK, so when i marked off the bicep i made the distance from my drawn line to the bottom of the bicep around 5 1/2" all the way around.  Using the cutting wheel on my dremmel, i cut along the line about 3/4 through, then cut off the rest using a hobby knife.  and remember, SAFETY FIRST:  always wear protective eyewear, respirator or face mask and gloves when cutting fiberglass.




It may not look like it in the pic above, but the biceps are even.  5 1/2 inches on the "armpit side"


the pic below is a demonstration on how flexible this kit is:



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Ok... I was dreading this part because there is no real measurement on where the bicep pill holes go.  here is the CRL of them on 501st.com



It seems to me that the pill holes aren't quite centered in the middle of the bicep.  I also noticed that the pill holes are parallel to the greeblie.


I ended up using the trooperbay decals as a template for the holes:




Then, I drilled out two holes in each pill, just like the chest plate:





using a needle file, i filled out the pill holes,

And there you have it!  Biceps are done and ready for primer!!



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This thread will be so helpful to me. I am on the list but haven't been certain on the fiberglass. So I'll follow intently.

It's a fiber glass and resin mixture with a rubber quality to it. As such e6000 doesn't work as well as CA glue and epoxy to repair cracked pieces of the kit.

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