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  1. Your holster looks great. Any chance you would sell one ? 

  2. Since I'm starting work on the thighs, I need to do a little prep work on the holster. I decided to reverse engineer the Anovos holster and create an aluminum version. Not that the Anovos holster is in any way bad. I just wanted it even sharper and more durable. I'm using glazing putty to fill in the seams so it will be one solid piece when I'm finished. Still work to be done but, I think the metal version looks much tighter.
  3. Totally agree on bicep fit. Not only for movement but, to me, it also looks better.
  4. First test fit of bicep and forearm with gaskets. I am quite pleased so far.
  5. Ive had a lot going on so progress has been slow. Had the biceps done for a bit now and forgot to post pics so here they are. I'm currently beggining work on thighs and shoulder bells but, need to purchase more magnets and glue. Pics on those pieces to come as soon as I make a little more progress.
  6. Thanks Tony. It's taking some time but I'm actually enjoying it so far. This kit is a novice builders dream. I think the magnet closures, strapping and harness will be my biggest challenges. That is until I start work on the outsourced parts. That's a different ball game but hoping this build will help prepare me for when I get to that point.
  7. Here's a little more progress. Shins and spats. I'm not doing Velcro closures on these. I will be doing magnets on most of my closures going forward and that will take place after most of my parts are glued together. I did not follow the Anovos instructions on the spats. They call for the greeblie side to be glued down and I dont like that look so I am following Ukswraths build for the spats. Also, beware if you are using the supplied templates for placing any resin parts on the armor. The templates are not to full scale.
  8. I totally understand all of this and I do sincerely thank you for looking out but, I'm building this kit as is with the intention of substituting parts from another vendor for approval. I like the way the Anovos parts look however, I completely understand there are pieces of this kit that will not be approved as is (seams and all) so, I will be building another set of forearms, chest/yoke and torso and color matching to the Anovos parts.
  9. If these were built like other forearms Ive seen, that might be ok and you could definitely glue toward the back instead of Velcro however, when test fitting these, I quickly realized I cannot fasten them at the front near the wrist with anything other than Velcro, snap, magnet, etc. or else my hand will not go through. So I decided to leave them loose at the front much like other forearms are left unglued just enough to be able to get your hand in. The gap really isnt that bad at all. Anyone can do as they please for sure but, I'm just saying, unless you have really small hands and are a very thin build, be carefull how you fasten these forearms.
  10. Those are things I can go back and change after the fact. For myself, since Ive never built any armor at all, I'd rather make a mistake with Velcro than with glue. There is only one area that I'm planning on doing differently and that is the chest. The instructions call for gluing the chest down at the top and bottom of the under chest and Velcro in the middle. I may shoot for the magnet route here instead.
  11. Because this kit is pre trimmed, it is relatively easy on the assembly. Since I have never built anything like this, I decided to start with something I felt was pretty easy but still somewhat challenging for me. So forearms it is. I didnt detail the painting,of the resin parts but, I used the Anovos recomended rattle can to paint the parts I needed and then glued them on after the assembly. They turned out pretty good and I learned a little regarding glueing in the process. One recommendation....when applying the Velcro to the forearms....I am not using 3 pieces as recommended by the Anovos instructions. I am using 2 toward the back of the forearm (near the elbow) and leaving the front open to be able to slide my hand in.
  12. So far, this is working,pretty well. I tried one with the mixer/applicator tip and it just dried up inside the tip. This stuff allows me to mix up just what I need and apply it. It's also readily available at my local Home Depot. Just have to be very careful of overflow when clamping parts together.
  13. This is the Anovos recomended rattle can for painting the resin pieces.
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