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  1. I just want to take a second and address the issue as well. For those of you who don't know me I'm Kevin Snow, and I'm one of the Mods at the page being referenced. I also happen to be a very proud member of the Legion, of FISD, and serve as a GML with the New England Garrison. I cannot think of anytime where I have discouraged or defamed FISD on that page. FISD is a great resource, one that has helped me on several builds. That said, the referenced FB group is independent of FISD - we're encouraging of anyone wishing to create a First Order TK, whether their goal is to join the Legion or not. If someone engages me with an express goal of becoming a 501st Legion FOTK I have 0 issues with pointing them towards FISD. If a person does not, I'm ok with that as well - that's their choice that they've made for their own reasons. On occasion we've had people express that they've had less than positive experiences with the Legion, to which I've expressed remorse that their experience wasn't a positive one, and offer to help in any way I can. Because that's what that page is about - helping, promoting and researching the construction of First Order TK's. I'm not perfect, so it's possible that I could have said something that may have been taken in the wrong way. If it's something I've said, my apologies. I count several persons in current and past Command Staffs as friends on social media, so please, if you have a concern or hear of one, reach out.
  2. Here's my First Order Electroprod as seen in TROS. 3D printed and mounted to a 1/2" pvc core. Design by Empire 3D https://empire3d.net/?fbclid=IwAR2bsWv_sZ-aHMfI6tSVhzoZPxXDIqQyyhnIg6BUve4m2YIc5BuFkCtevQ0 Its very straight-forward, and can be printed in less than a week. I also like that with some events cracking down on trooping with blasters this may be acceptable to bring along. Pics in kit to come when the weather gets better...
  3. Hi all, Wondering if any of my fellow Troopers/Legionairres....you get the drift, are Peloton users? Maybe there's a group already that I'm missing? Anyways, I'd love to follow fellow Troopers to motivate/get motivated on our fitness journeys; Trooper fit is inspiring! I can be fount at PistenBully99 on Peloton... TIA!
  4. Look at my XO getting his name out there! Great article - way to represent, Eric!
  5. I'm still trying to figure out what's with that one trooper. It looks like he as a HWT vest of some sort on, but the white visible on the chest is odd. And there does appear to be something going on with the left bicep, to me it looks black, but the pic is so lo-res I can't tell. And the hose/sling...
  6. Tony, do you see the bicep on the trooper being black as well? At least a portion of it...
  7. In looking at the behind the scenes video yesterday there seem to be a bunch of changes, some which will preclude using a standard FOTK and converting it to a TLJ, at least for certain variants. Others have pointed out the fact that the O II has been reversed on the Executioners. While looking at a screenshot of a scene with multiple troopers, it appears that there is some new weaponry (trooper on the right looks like a HWT, but is that a sling or hose?), a change to the cod, possibly additional changes to the biceps, (coloring, beyond what we've seen on the executioner and Hammer wielding trooper) and it looks like we can wear black skate shoes now since it's in the clip! Also, whats up with the large amount of blocked out mask area in the second picture of the trooper behind the flames? Is this a screen artifact due to pixellation? The square thats blocked out makes me suspicious.
  8. I have magnetic socket closures on my shins and ab's and they work incredibly well.
  9. Funds sent as well. I'm very glad ( and proud) to help. You all have provided me with so much help over the past year...
  10. TK 16768 requesting access... http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22689 Thanks!
  11. Andy, I wear a size 10 US glove, which when ordering in standard sizes works out to be an XL for me most times. I have 2 pair of FOTK gloves: One set from Imperial Boots and the other from Stormtrooper Undersuit. I have a pair of Large gloves from IB ( The order was messed up, but it's ok), and they fit snugly but look good. Francois sells some great quality stuff. The pair I have from SU are an XL, but do not fit me nearly as well. The fingers are really too short for me. The hand section is ok, but the wrist band is also a little short. It was part of a package I bought from them, so I'm cool with that as well. Like Darren said above, there are some differences in accuracy between the 2, but nothing that can't be worked out. Hope this helps you out some!
  12. Looking good there! You're a better man than I am braving the heat today to work on your kit! I'm pretty much at the same stage in the build right now...
  13. One of the most interesting finds while searching the boards has been the use of magnetic closures. TK 4205 has a thread up here about building magnetic sockets for use as closures on the shins, and has also shown them used on the Ab's. I felt this was something I wanted to try. As you know, I have an aversion to the Dremel, and Wyatt's post has him using one to create round sockets in which a magnet is mounted. I came up with a way which eliminated the Dremel, and has worked well on my shins. Tools - Cordless Drill, 1 1/4" Holesaw, 1/4" - 3/4" Step Drill Bit Materials - 1/16" and 1/8" ABS, .70" diameter N52 magnets, CA Glue http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o714/Dakari99/FOTK/IMG_3427_zpsdnnrtyk8.jpg The first thing that I did was to cut out 1 1/4" circles of 1/16" ABS for the sockets. This thickness is used to keep the magnets from coming in direct contact from each other. I put the ABS on a 2X6 and cut them out using the holesaw, removing the cut-out slug each time. http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o714/Dakari99/FOTK/9742559f-9e22-4c78-93c0-9964d2ff8298_zps5nx0waws.jpg Then I used a utility knife to clean up the edges and set them aside. http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o714/Dakari99/FOTK/IMG_3438_zpstjg0ayly.jpg I then place the 1/8" ABS on the same board and cut 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through the ABS. This also leaves a pilot hole in the ABS and another in the 2X6 which you use later on. http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o714/Dakari99/FOTK/IMG_3431_zpsa2sxdy57.jpg Next, I took the Step drill bit and bored out the pilot hole, taking it to the step drill's maximum diameter of 3/4" (Terrible pic...Sorry!) http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o714/Dakari99/FOTK/IMG_3432_zps3bhbmlrd.jpg I return the ABS to the 2X6, and put the holesaw back on the drill. Center the 3/4" hole over the pilot hole found in the 2X6 and insert the point in the hole, lining up the holesaw with the partially made cut. Finish the cut with the holesaw. http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o714/Dakari99/FOTK/IMG_3434_zpsjhpeqhmr.jpg http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o714/Dakari99/FOTK/IMG_3437_zps61o6intx.jpg Pop out the socket and clean it up with a utility knife. http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o714/Dakari99/FOTK/IMG_3438_zpstjg0ayly.jpg I next took the base and the socket and used CA glue to join them. http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o714/Dakari99/FOTK/IMG_3442_zpsiviif7gi.jpg ...And took the magnet and affixed it inside the socket using CA as well. I may use 2 part epoxy on my next socket build as it tends to have a heavier body than CA. http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o714/Dakari99/FOTK/c7da716e-0d00-4072-be10-ab1e442a7867_zpsbqpzgy8m.jpg Completed sockets http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o714/Dakari99/FOTK/IMG_3426_zpsbpp1ofem.jpg I used the same step drill to make 3/4" locating holes in my shins. My plain magnets are affixed to the side WITHOUT the holes, and are glued in place. The sockets are placed OVER the holes in the shins, with the socket base covering the hole, preventing the magnets from coming in contact violently, causing them to break...and they will! http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o714/Dakari99/FOTK/IMG_3424_zpsrvmfzkxq.jpg I'm looking at other area of my armor where this attachment method may come in handy, possibly the chest plate to yoke. In any event, I hope this may have helped some of you with making the magnetic sockets, and again, my thanks to Wyatt, TK 4205, for sharing this method and allowing me to show another way to make his sockets.
  14. I can see how that would work just fine. I just happened to have the Butane Soldering tool kicking around,
  15. Ok, so I mentioned that I would share some of the different tools that I have found to be useful in building my kit. Since I'm building a Jimmiroquai it's made of flexible fiberglass. I'm no Dremel master, so I was looking for something else to cut the material with. I found that using Aviation Snips worked awesome in this material, allowing me to make nice, curved cuts in this material without throwing up dust. Trimming the biceps and Thighs was a breeze... http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o714/Dakari99/FOTK%20Tools/IMG_3454_zpsr3aobhji.jpg Other tools that I have found to be helpful in my build have been a 1 1/4" hole saw, a 1/4" to 3/4" step drill bit, 7/32" round file (used for chainsaw sharpening), a flat file, a precision file set, emery boards - for cleaning up the seams and details, a snap installation tool and snaps/buttons, and a Weller Porta-sol Butane soldering kit, for making holes in nylon strapping. http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o714/Dakari99/FullSizeRender%203_zps7vecey2z.jpg Adhesives I'm using include E6000, Bob Smith Insta Flex CA, Insta Set, and Loctite Marine 300psi and Plastic 3200psi 2 part epoxies. Fillers include Bondo of course and Apoxie Scult, a 2 part molding epoxy that is awesome to work with. This is stuff that is in addition to the typical sandpapers, utility or X-acto knives and of course the obligatory Dremel. Kinda basic post, but I'm still learning to post to and from Photobucket...
  16. I can second that suggestion from Darren. The replacement lenses are incredibly clear but need to be cut to fit in the helmet. My lenses were very easy to remove.
  17. Great topic, Sam. Hoping you get some response on this...
  18. Got mine today, very happy to have it arrive! How are you all doing the removable stop and plug assembly? I was thinking magnets but don't want to re-invent the wheel at this point...too much going on with the armor build right now.
  19. HI Gang: So, like many before me I'm in the process of building my first TK. I chose the FOTK kit offered by Jimmiroquai, which as most of us know is made of flexible fiberglass. I'm not going to do a traditional build thread here; there are plenty of those here at FISD and all of which are helpful. Instead I'm planning to focus on some of the components of the build that I have found challenging, some cheats that I have used in working with this kit, and some upgrades that I am applying to the armor. I've got plenty of work behind me, plenty more ahead, and plenty of challenges ahead of me. The most important aspect of this build to keep in mind is this: You can do it! There is plenty of help available here at FISD and at your local Garrison level. Read, save photos for reference, and ask questions on threads. I haven't found anyone yet that is unwilling to offer guidance...Troopers helping Troopers! My armor components are as follows and are all in-hand: Armor - Jimmiroquai Gaskets - Jimmiroquai Soft Pouches - Jimmiroquai Helmet - Anovos Standard Undercut and Neck Gasket - StormtrooperUndersuit.com Boots and Gloves - Imperial Boots SE44C Officer's Pistol - MO3D Designs F11D Blaster - Hesston 3D Solutions Some of the topics I plan on hitting are: Tools Trimming the biceps and thighs Lens removal and upgrade, Anovos Standard Magnetic socket build for shin closures (Thanks TK-4205!) Hopefully much more with magnetics! As time permits I'll be adding the above topics to the thread. Tonight I'm working on uploading pics to Photobucket and learning how to edit...a learning process much like the build! That's enough hot air out of me tonight. Next time they'll be pics!
  20. Wyatt and Paul, This is such a great looking mod. Any chance you have any pictures of the magnetic set-up you used on the chest plate and sides?
  21. Looking good, Brian! Where'd you source your F11D Rifle from?
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