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Jimmiraquois First Order Stormtrooper Build

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Hey Evin,


Great build mate...I've followed it closely...I'm working on my V3 kit from Jim.


Can I ask how you assembled your shins and what method you used to close them!


Did you use magnets or velcro to close the outer and inner seams or are there other ways?



I used CA glue for the outer part of the shins and velcro on the insides.


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Hey Evin, I was looking at your spats and how you wear them.


Do you have the clips/greeblies glued permanently closing the sides of the spats?


If I'm reading your build thread right then you do...I think


If the above is right then when you come to suiting up how does the spat go over the shin with you leg in the shin?


Or did you rig up a method of closing the side of the spats with the clips/greeblies?



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