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  1. I think it was october 2016 when i orderd :) definetivly late 2016 :) Thanx Ripper_L I hope I will finish, and be suficently pleaced whit this one :)
  2. Looong time, no nothing.... Still waiting on my big brown box from anovos.... I did find a 3& printable helmet that seems to be even better then the one I made, so I've started printing that... Exited Hope anovos hurry upp soon
  3. Has anyone reviewed a kit yet?? I understand this takes time, and the complications and all, but this is getting ridiculous......
  4. Hi Absolutly love Your work, you did what I was unable to do If You ever feel like sharing Your helmet files, i would love to try and print one
  5. So I finaly did it ​I orderd a kit I cant wait for next year to get here, hopefully it will arive in time to be completed before episode 8
  6. i have put a kit in my chart, and im seriously considering getting it.. only thing thats holding me back is i don't know what the shipping is going to be.... they dont ship to norway, but i have found a freight Company to deal whit that issue, but they wont say what the shipping is inside the us to that Companys addres........... does anyobne hava anny ideas?? they are located in New jearsy...
  7. Ok sorry it has taken so long, but my life has just been turned upside Down I'we not had anny time at all latly, not to post here, let alone work on my Project..... hopefully Things will stabelize themseves soon, or this is newer going to happen
  8. Well, time for some updating, Long time, no real progress, i've started working again after my paternaty leave :/ so that's that, I do like my job, but after beeing home for 11 weeksm you don't realy want to og back to work do you lol Ok, so I got some xelent prints, then Things started to og South, turns out the stabelisers i had printed for my print bed had started to melt and deform cause of the heat in the Chamber, i hd used pla instead of abs.... duhhh, stupid me oh well, took some time to figure out what was the real issue, but it seems to be printing fine again now I have had little time to pick att the helmet, but it is printed in pla, it's not the pest material to treat, so it's taking time, it's cind of flimsy, so I'm thinking of adding some resin innside it to help whit the finishing, but that takes time, so have not been able to do that yet. As for the armor, I have the back/yoke, chest plate, one forearm, one bicep, a caf, and a thigh printed, but as my time to work on this is Limited, I'm considering getting one of Jims kits, and just focus on making my ofn helmet, or I don't see me beeing able to finish the armor in time for episode 8 I'll probably stil keep working on the armor, so I can make my own, but in my own time, whitout the rush of having to have it finished on a side note, My blas​ter is all printed (again in ABS) and I'm sanding away at it, and I want it to be Perfect so i'm realy taking my time on this one
  9. ounds right to me, but if somone realy knows, feel free to chime inn
  10. oh, yea, I might have forgotten to mention that I have printed yet another one . This one is in 10 blocks rather then 30 something pieces ​ and I was able to smooth it waaaaay much better then it was, in 3D studio max before printing
  11. hmmm, no not realy... I'm done printing the helmet, now I'm just sanding, and filling and sanding.... And then there has been an unfortunate ​happening in my marige sooooooo, wel atleast I wil be getting more time to work on my armor :/ ​
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