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  1. Thanks for clarifying...I appreciate that. Guess I need to get some more Armorwhite gel then as I've used up the last of my bottle a few weeks back.
  2. Hey Mike, So are you saying that using Armorwhite should resolve the yellowing on a permanent basis? - *(after one or two treatments)* I ask as I have found that it's only a temporary solution - armor is stored in a plastic heavy duty trunk away from light/heat not on display and rarely trooped in sunlight! (in the UK). The results soon fade away after 2-3 months. I appreciate that it's hard to confirm/guarantee the gel working on everyone's armor but it seems myself and some others have seen the same result in that the yellowing returns.
  3. I too have used the gel to help restore the white back to my yellow armor but like you say it's a quick fix and not long lasting. I found it's effect lasted for the next troop and then the yellow came back very quickly. I was wondering if I should try the gel again or admit defeat as to get the gel shipped to the UK from trooperbay would cost me $26. I don't want to derail the thread but has anyone else on here had long term successful results when they used the gel to whiten their armor? I thought I might drop trooperbay a message to see his take on whether it's worth trying again to get a good result long term.
  4. Not sure about the Bluetooth transmitter/receiver. I have always used a wired mic but I guess a wireless system would work. Thanks for the heads up with your set up...sounds a good plan. Have you not trooped the FO Tk yet?
  5. Hey Darren, I'm starting to think about the voice options? Do you have a setup or are you a silent trooper..Lol I was thinking of a standard aker amp 1505 (placed in the smaller pouch of the belt) and mic? Plus the trooper accent! Or I could use my RomFX setup as per my OT TK and disable the static burst feature? Cheers
  6. Darren, Any chance you could re-post the picture of the officer pauldron (underside) to show the magnet placements/self adhesive trim. Cheers
  7. Hey Chris, Following +1 Didn't realize these kits were now on sale? There's no sales thread on here or over on the RPF. By chance how did you manage to come by the kit?
  8. Just checked out your build thread mate....Looking good
  9. Thanks for the heads up! I was going to try it on some scrap pieces but you've confirmed my fear. Thinking now I will try the bungee cord rig behind the knee plate (as other members have used this method) and see if it curves more around the outer edges.
  10. Yeah it's a V3 kit. Wonder if it's possible to shape the knee plates with heat? Maybe with a hairdryer slowly? Thanks for the tips I'll have a think and decide.
  11. Hey Darren, Did you need to shape your knee plates? I'm finding my (jimmi) knee plates aren't very curved and they stick out from both sides of the knee's. There attached by velcro.
  12. What is the screen accurate correct shade of black to use on the frown, vocoder and outline of the ear bumps/outline of a ROTJ helmet? Humbrol #85 (Coal Black/Satin) or Humbrol #33 (matt) or other? Cheers
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