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  1. UPDATE. I had a brainwave this morning! I remembered I had some liquid rubber left over from when I spot repaired and assembled my FOTK rubber gaskets. Works a treat when applying...should be a good result when I spray the topcoat (hopefully).
  2. Can anyone confirm the correct black shades used on the screen helmets so I can replicate them on my Sanotized Creations helmet. The Sanotized helmet has the one piece nose/mesh/teeth/traps insert which is produced in a matt black colour - should this be gloss black? The brow above the eyes, I believe was a matt black? The other areas around the bottom of the helmet were reported to be stickers/decals? Again not 100% sure if they were gloss black or other? Thanks. Bryan Edit - gallery pictures of screen shots plus prop store pictures show the brow is MATT - I think? Nose/mesh/teeth and traps looks - GLOSS - I think? Other lower areas is harder to confirm but some of the pictures look SATIN and some MATT?
  3. Thanks for the info. Might give toothpaste a go....genius idea!
  4. Hi Dan, I'm looking for a recommendation of which liquid mask product to buy/use to replicate what you have done on your build? Cheers, Bryan
  5. Thanks for clarifying...I appreciate that. Guess I need to get some more Armorwhite gel then as I've used up the last of my bottle a few weeks back.
  6. Hey Mike, So are you saying that using Armorwhite should resolve the yellowing on a permanent basis? - *(after one or two treatments)* I ask as I have found that it's only a temporary solution - armor is stored in a plastic heavy duty trunk away from light/heat not on display and rarely trooped in sunlight! (in the UK). The results soon fade away after 2-3 months. I appreciate that it's hard to confirm/guarantee the gel working on everyone's armor but it seems myself and some others have seen the same result in that the yellowing returns.
  7. I too have used the gel to help restore the white back to my yellow armor but like you say it's a quick fix and not long lasting. I found it's effect lasted for the next troop and then the yellow came back very quickly. I was wondering if I should try the gel again or admit defeat as to get the gel shipped to the UK from trooperbay would cost me $26. I don't want to derail the thread but has anyone else on here had long term successful results when they used the gel to whiten their armor? I thought I might drop trooperbay a message to see his take on whether it's worth trying again to get a good result long term.
  8. Not sure about the Bluetooth transmitter/receiver. I have always used a wired mic but I guess a wireless system would work. Thanks for the heads up with your set up...sounds a good plan. Have you not trooped the FO Tk yet?
  9. Hey Darren, I'm starting to think about the voice options? Do you have a setup or are you a silent trooper..Lol I was thinking of a standard aker amp 1505 (placed in the smaller pouch of the belt) and mic? Plus the trooper accent! Or I could use my RomFX setup as per my OT TK and disable the static burst feature? Cheers
  10. Darren, Any chance you could re-post the picture of the officer pauldron (underside) to show the magnet placements/self adhesive trim. Cheers
  11. Hey Chris, Following +1 Didn't realize these kits were now on sale? There's no sales thread on here or over on the RPF. By chance how did you manage to come by the kit?
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