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TK 58008 Requesting ANH Stunt EIB status[NE][399]

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John Ruple


TK 58008




MidSouth Garrison


Armor NE


Helmet ATA


Boots TK boots


Canvas belt Trooper bay


Neck seal Trooper bay


Holster Trooper bay


Blaster Doopydoos


Height 5'-10"


Weight 210 Lbs


Thank you for you consideration and please be gentle lol


Pictures as follows






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Looks good!! Here are some things that will help your overall look. Your shoulder bells need to be closer to your shoulder straps. In fact, they should almost be touching them. You should pull your forearms closer to your biceps. Either with a strap or installing foam to keep them in place. Your belt should be higher in the front---touching or very close to bottom of ab buttons. That was some of the big things I saw real quick. I'm sure others will chime in. Awesome job!!Good luck, trooper.



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Woo hoo for another NE trooper!  Looking great!


These suggestions are from someone who has been staring at NE armor for the past year in my garage.  :)  They shouldn't have any bearing on receiving EIB, but are suggestions I've received while building and are for improving the over-all look of your armor:



- I would look into shortening the elastic on the shoulder connections.  The top of the shoulders can come right up to the shoulder bridges, which will close up the gaps in the front.


- The return edges on the top of the ab and kidney seem a bit thick.  You could probably trim them down a few mm, get a better fit and most likely be more comfortable to wear.  I know the return edge on my kidney really poked into my back before I trimmed it down.


- You can have more of an angle cut on the corners of your belt.


- Putting elastic between your biceps and forearms will pull the forearms up and keep them from sliding down and colliding with the hand guards.  It will also close that gap between the bottoms of the biceps and the tops of the forearms.


- The TD clips can come outward a bit more toward the end caps to close the gaps between them and the end caps.  You can also hit those screw heads with some black paint.


- I believe you will want to bring the ends of your painted frown on your helmet to points.



Good luck with the approval!

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I can't really add much to what has already been said but what I noticed is that you took off all of the return edge on the sides of your back plate....best of luck on your app :)

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Thanks for the input everybody. The shoulder bells have been troublesome for some time I'm not sure what to do with them as they are tight onto my upper arms. The forearms are a quick fix and I think I may have been holding onto my belt pushing it down without thinking while the pics were bring taken. Thermal det is an easy adjustment as well. Thanks everybody.

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Hey John! Great looking build sir! Most improvement points have been mentioned already. As far as the shoulder bell issue, I had this same problem. What tends to happen with the shoulder bells is they pull on the strapping and it causes them to drop.  What I did to fix it was actually E-6000 my shoulder nylon straps (the wide straps that connect the chest to the back) right to the shoulder bridges. I left the portion that connects to the back armor unglued and added industrial velcro to the end of the strap and velcro right below the snap that connects the chest to the back. This totally eliminated the drop I was having in the shoulder bells. The black elastic that connects my shoulder bells, I doubled it over and sewed it together which makes it thicker and offers more resistance and less drag for the bells to pull on. It sounds confusing but I'll post a few photos so you can see what I did. Good luck with your application. I wish you the best!


Where I'm pointing I glued the strap to the shoulder bridge. The next photo shows the snap that connects the chest bridge to the back armor and the industrial velcro placement.



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Great advice everyone. Shoulder bells have been a concern as well as a torment. Lol. I think I may have had my hands on the belt while I was getting the pics taken causing the sagging in the front. Once again thanks.

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Hey John! Always a pleasure to see another beefy trooper. I like to consider "us" the muscle. Looks awesome! Anyway, thank you for your EIB application! Let's take a closer look at your armor!


CRL and EIB Application Requirements:

Originally, one picture was missing (close up of hovi tips) but this was posted. Now all required submission photos are present. Your armor has all the required elements to pass EIB. So with that, I would like to congratulate and welcome you to EIB!!!!


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly:

In this section, your fellow troopers and myself look closely at your armor and provide suggestions that will not affect your application, but that goes towards improving the overall look of your armor.

First off, nice holster placement! I don;t know if I have ever seen hovi tip screen that fine before.  What happened to your vocoder area????? :(

As for improvements, many suggestions have been made. If I don't name the person who suggested it, don't be angry...we're all on the same team here. ;)

Anyhoo.....One of the big things we all like to have in our armor sets is comfort. I can see this area becoming an issue:post-12041-0-24240300-1406228629_thumb.jpg Feel free to ease down those corners a bit so that they are not jabbing you in the side. Another area that might jab you is the upper corner of your chest plate under your shoulder bridges. I see that you have webbing rather than elastic as the connecting strap between your cod and butt plate. If this starts to bind you at all, I would suggest changing this out for elastic. It will allow the armor to move with you and perhaps be a little more comfortable.

Next I'd like to mention the possibility of cleaning up the outline of the rank area on your helmet ears. This outline should come close to matching the thickness of the black edging on the decals. If you moisten a paint brush with thinner and massage around this area, you can clean it up nicely and make it more uniform. This will make this area less distracting. 

I will make further mention of this in the "Centurion" section, but if you wanted to take your accuracy to the next level, you could dab a little black paint or marker on the thermal detonator screws. 

Your forearms seem to falling on you a bit because they seem to be resting over your hand guards. As was suggested, either insert a couple pieces of foam into the forearms or install a connecting strap between the forearms and biceps. This will also reduce the gap you have between your forearms and biceps. 

Next thing is in regards to your blaster. It's a nice build. I will let it go, but your scope rail is sitting a bit high in the front. It should be even above the main receiver from the rear sight to the vent hole. It can even be slightly lower in the front. This is an easy trim fix. the next thing is that the lock stop on the underside of the blaster in front of the butt cap is mounted a little far forward. Here is the proper position:gallery_12157_40_21052.jpg

These minor fixes will go along way to the overall look of your awesomeness.


Centurion Suggestions:

Because of the details you already have in place, I would hope to see a Centurion application in your future. There are, however, a few things that you will need to change prior to applying. 

I mentioned above that I would talk about your thermal detonator here. I would like to see your "TD" belt clips moved outward to almost touch the outer caps like on this screen used one:gallery_12157_51_33329.jpg Next, grab some white paint and dot your thigh pack rivets. 

Next, your fellow troopers are correct to mention the need to bring your shoulders up to the shoulder bridges. I saw that you felt that the bicep strap is making things tight around your arm. This should be an easy fix by just installing new elastic in your shoulder bell. Then just shorten up your strap at the top of your shoulder bell to bring it up closer to the bridges.

Next, I would like to see you bring your waist belt up a bit so that it rests properly at the bottom of the button plate. It can even overlap it slightly, but it definitely needs to be raised. If you need to install new snaps on your ab plate, it's no big deal because the belt covers it anyway. Check out the belt placement here:gallery_12157_11_6596.jpg

Next are the straps that connect your chest and back over the shoulders. post-12041-0-31248800-1406230552_thumb.jpgThese need to be white. Whether it's elastic or webbing or whatever, they need to be white. The strap that connects the shoulder should be black, but the main strap needs to be white.

The next little improvement is in the frown of your helmet. I would like to see the corners brought down further to a point and end less bluntly. Here is how it could look:post-12041-0-72954700-1406231074_thumb.jpg

Next is your glove set up. For Centurion, your gloves need to be full rubber chemical gloves with the latex or flexible hand guards.

The last thing I want to mention (unless your Centurion detail show something else) is to make sure on your Centurion pics that your drop boxes align with the end of your waist belt.


You are well on your way!! Congratulations again on your EIB accomplishment! 

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