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  1. I don't think you will be able to remove the sniper plate without damaging the armour due to what RS uses to assemble the shin. Another trooper had a similar issue with the RS sniper plate. Contact RS....they should be able to help
  2. Forgot to mention....need a pic of your forearm return edge
  3. Looks good. The placement of your Holster shouldn't hold you up. You can see in many screen grabs they were mounted all over the place on the belt. Awesome looking suit!
  4. Just another reference photo. But I agree with the majority, this shouldn't be in the EIB CRL. It should be for those aiming for centurion.
  5. Thomas I sent you a pm but looks like the sniper plate was mounted too low on the shin when looking at the rear pic you posted. I think that is the cause of the gap showing on the right side shot of the shin.
  6. Post more pics, it's hard to tell other than looking at that one straight on shot from far away. Based on just that I'd say your the odd ball right now
  7. Just read the CRL. If you're going for EIB then you are good, if you're shooting for centurion you'll need the chemical gloves or rubber like gloves....those you should be able to find for very cheap and that looks like a wicked deal on those nomex gloves, lots of ppl troop with them
  8. Yup! The buyer planned on re-selling it for more $ at an upcoming con....yikes
  9. I had the tv on for background noise to this show and my attention was drawn to it when I heard stormtrooper costume. The host brought in a so called "expert" to authenticate the suit and the value at auction. The expert deemed the suit a post production costume cast off the original moulds.....LOL He valued it at $900. In the auction it sold for $1,200 .....here is the pic below (sorry for the quality)
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