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Diana's RS Props Build- ANH Stunt

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OK, I have a question. How do this bottom corner and sides attach? Is it a clamshelled using Velcro or left open and held together using elastic?

Held together using white elastic.



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excellent progress.

the chest plate and back plate don't attach together directly. the chest is strapped to the ab plate and the back is strapped to the kidney. the kidney and ab are attached together.

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Ah, Walter.  No worries about your chin.  Nobody sees it without your bucket on anyway.


Thanks Tolo and Steve for the clarification on the chest and backplate.


So, the focus this week was on the helmet.  I've been afraid to touch the RS helmet since the material feels thin.  It is probably just me and my paranoia but it feels like it is going to snap in my hands.  So, Cousin Walter suggested I get a Scootch helmet and work on another helmet first before attempting the thinner RS one.  Hmmmm.... an excuse to end up with two helmets? Sure.  So, I ordered the helmet on a Sunday and it arrived already on Wednesday.  Thanks Scootch!


My little one seems insistent on modeling these things right out of the box.  

Here he is wearing the cap of the Scootch bucket.                                                


Here he is wearing the faceplate of the RS helmet, the day the big boxes arrived.
There is a definite difference in "heft" between the two buckets.  

Non-Star Wars husband actually got excited about the new helmet and started working on it right after dinner.  I tried to contain my shock so as to not scare him off like a shy Ewok on Endor.



Watching assembly videos, since we didn't have much of a clue on how to assemble the thing.  Thank you TrooperBay Mike.  (He is working on a "Move Along Helmet" in his video so there are some slight differences.  We also used this reference photo.)5506833420_e821bb0c20_z_zpsa7e89861.jpg


Time to bust out the Dremel.  My husband said he's had it for years and hasn't really used it.  I said: "See, husband?  Isn't this a great hobby?"  He scowled at me with a look worthy of a bounty hunter, and said: "I have a hobby.  I surf."  (Hah.  I surf too, but it doesn't mean I can't love a galaxy far far away.)  Anyway, it looks like he is slowly getting a second hobby.  I exposing him to a whole new world.  I was amused that the Dremel is called a tool for the imagination.  I thought that was appropriate.





Dremeling out the teeth


Still need to file the teeth.  After reading other build threads on helmets, we both liked the "Twinkie" shaped teeth.  I also read a build thread saying the original look/intent of the teeth are to resemble the jagged jaws of a Great White Shark.  (We've actually seen these out surfing, but none with their mouths open, fortunately.) :)  So, my question is how "perfect" or how "ragged" should the teeth be to achieve this shark-look?



Cutting the ears using our curved Lexan scissors.  Cutting the angled curves was a huge pain.  We cut wide and left plenty of room for the Dremel.


 We then sanded them to remove the rough bits.  No pictures of that since we were both so busy sanding, but it was memorable for the amount of noise it made.  Our dog went running upstairs and hid from the ruckus.  

Dremeling out the ears.  So many plastic bits starting fly up that husband starting singing: "Let it snow. Let it snow.  Let it snow."  Probably the only snow we'll see in Gilroy this year.  Not sure if I married him for the stunning good looks or the witty sense of humor, but he's a keeper.

These are the ear pieces after being Dremeled.  Next step will be to drill in the requisite three ANH Stunt screw holes.


Hmmmm.... not sure I'd pass Imperial Inspection yet.  But, we're making progress.

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Scootch's helmet is a great helmet to start with.  It helped me understand the assembly process.     The Dremel is a great tool for the ears.  Just make sure you remove little by little on the ears. 

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Oh my... Just busted an eye clamp laughing... And now, I'm blind.  Thank you for that, Tolo...

No, seriously, I am going trooping with the clamps on my Scootch bucket.  This is a good look for me.

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Thanks Daetrin! I'm really enjoying the process as we go through it and learning more than I thought possible. Looking forward to being able to help others one day when they start their builds.

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Finished off the helmet tonight and got it ready for painting.  Will post the detailed thread pics tomorrow so the collective wisdom can help spot errors.  

Our cattle dog immediately fell in love with the newly assembled helmet.  Proves everyone loves a stormtrooper.  As if there was any doubt.881b7a25-23ec-4569-aa5c-c7c37aa901f2_zps

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Thanks, Kyle.  Appreciate the support.


OK, headed out to the beach soon, so I'll try to get as many pics up as I can before we go.  


First step today was trying to figure out the placement of the brow line.  We used this as the reference picture and there's definite leeway in the brow height.  Plus, after talking to Kyle and Brian at the GGG event on Friday night, Kyle pointed out the main way to tell the difference between the two of them was the difference in height on their brow trim.


Here's what we decided upon.




We wrestled a lot with the ear pieces trying to get them to sit properly.  But, from all the build threads I've read, everyone else goes through this, too, so we're not alone.  




And, no matter what we did, they didn't want to sit quite flush, which is apparently normal for the ANH Stunt helmets, as I understand it?  Just part of the charm?  


Here's the final gap.





Is this alright?  Or, does it need to be redone?  Filled in?

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Aw, Ben, you're not the bearer of bad news.  If it's not right, I'm happy to change it.  That's what having a build thread is all about.  I think it might just be my lousy pics throwing things off.  I'm pretty sure I have the ear pieces on the correct sides because they wouldn't fit on the other way.  I have a second set of ear pieces since Scootch provides two sets, but the other set also has a gap when matched up.  Husband and I are thinking if we need to we can order a new set of ear pieces and sand them less to try to get them more flush.  But, from reading other build threads I get the impression the ear gap is a characteristic of the ANH Stunt? 


Another pic. As they say when you are stepping onto the subway, mind the gap. :)







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It would be good to post a clear side picture of the ears on your helmet to sort out if they're or not reversed.

Because on the second pic of your post above, the ear looks right, but on the third it looks reversed.


Here's a coulpe of pic from Stukatrooper albums on flickr to show how to position the ears:

4323280236_1a9727cdaf_z.jpg?zz=1 4322545175_59bf1e6597_z.jpg?zz=1

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