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Diana's RS Props Build- ANH Stunt

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Adam, so good to hear from you! My trooping buddy!

It's funny as I had the opposite problem in the beginning. My hand guards were almost sand trooper beige and my armor looked whiter by comparison. You can see this in the pics we took together up above the Golden Gate Bridge. This bugged my OCD to end until I figured out a very simple solution. When I polish my Chelsea boots, I also give the hand guards a light coat of white shoe polish. It worked wonders. I continue to "polish" my handguards to this day. :)


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Hello everyone-

Thank you for the excellent belt advice.

RS was kind enough to send me a new ammo belt. (Thank you!) After a busy summer of trooping, I am sitting down to assemble the new belt. I have a question, though, regarding rivets. (It's always the rivets, right?)

Last time we assembled the belt, we used pop rivets. I remember the rivet gun being painful on the hands. What are the other rivet choices for this area?  I was reading through both the CRL and the Centurion requirements and I couldn't find anything that spelled out requirements for the rivets in this area. I assume this is because you can't see these rivets?

My existing belt next to the one. The old one is an an impressive feat of engineering at this point. 

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Like Glen I have converted to snaps. My TK will eventually pull double duty as a HWT and so I made the decision to switch to snaps. They work out pretty good.

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On 9/17/2021 at 5:03 AM, TheSwede said:

I would use single cap rivets, just like the originals :salute:

Thank you! What size do I need? Appreciate the help. The only time I’ve used rivets before was during the original build back in 2013. Thanks again.

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