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Homemade Costumes, Aspiring Stormtroopers

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Not all need an expensive screen accurate costume to feel like a stormtrooper, here are just a few. 











*edited heading due to negative feedback*

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Off topic yet still Star Wars related, here I am in my daily Pandemic Work Attire 

Well it’s not a trooper but if it makes you feel better Matt. This was my Halloween costume last year. Yes I bought fuzzy fabric and glued it to boots and yes you can’t see it but I sewed a bag which

The upsidedown bicept....

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ok, this is gonna be a special thread...



here is the worst one I have seen in person



OMG love the yellow shoes too LOL

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I dont remember where I saw this :P

Where do you start, love the reversed tube stripes and my what a high brow you have. Looks like his buddy next to him is rocking a shaved chewie  :D

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Ten minutes scanning instagram and you'll be vomiting.


I will say, for those who make the full-on box costumes, making box costumes is hard work. I respect their effort. At least they are not TRYING to look accurate, but boxy. 

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For sure. Do a search on Instagram and you'll find all sorts of TK hate crimes. I will refrain from posting any because I don't know these people and some of them do indeed appear to be trying.

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