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  1. Yeah I flipped out at the "FEAR" part. Very cool!
  2. Great work and keep the newsletters coming. Thank you!
  3. My mom just sent me my original Vol-Tron I had from the 80's which is pretty awesome! She also has a huge bin of Lego from those days, but I'll probably have to pick that up in person...
  4. I see them used from time to time. There are a lot still out in the wild. I've seen people selling recast FX on eBay as well. I understand that is was the standard for the legion for years, but there are definitely more accurate and affordable alternatives at this point. They still remain very sentimental to people though. My first kit was a FX kit, but I donated the FX lid to a garrison mate for a charity fundraiser (it brought in $200) and never even used it for my approval into the legion.
  5. Great link and thank you. I remember this story, I just didn't know it was still in play.
  6. A friend showed me this item for sale in their magazine, and I was intrigued by the mixture of bubble lens and stunt frown, and whatever that brow material seems to be. So I looked it up and found even more unique features such as the ribbed texture on the back of the lid. It also appears from their online catalog that it's been up for auction three times without a buyer. Any thoughts or info on this? It would make for quite the conversation piece in your bucket collection... http://natedsanders.com/LotDetail.aspx?inventoryid=26072
  7. It's really hard to think they didn't have an FX helmet on hand (or at least photos) when designing. Those cheek proportions have a lot in common. I'm not a fan of it and I think it sets the work of this detachment back a bit, but I also appreciate the fact that there's a whole lot of Star Wars on the way to be thankful for.
  8. Awesome job by Gabriel (TS-10422) and Bryan (TK-10427) on a Daft Punk grammy night stormtrooper mash up... Bryan will be at SDCC this weekend and I fully expect some "one of these things is not like the others" photos with him and other TK's!
  9. I see a stormtrooper being born. Nice work!
  10. Another vote for AP here. It took me a couple months to assemble mine, and I've tweaked on it quite a bit since. I used E6000 glue and clamps for the majority of the build. I did steal away with using zap a gap (and zip kicker accelerate) for most of my internal snap plates. Take your time with it though. If you hit a road block or you're unsure, snap a couple photos and post up here and the community will help out. All the best on your build!
  11. Well done! Thanks always for the shiny white updates!
  12. I apologize! I believe phrasing it that way was on my mind from the actual EIB submission post, combined with seeing this thread in the new content, I jumped in without seeing the original post instructions. Slow down, Troy! Take a deep breath and internet properly. Thank you always, Mathias!
  13. I'm sorry! It's the "requesting" part, isn't it?
  14. Troy Manning 77847 requesting EIB Thank you!
  15. Hi Guys! Aloha called it. The TK's weren't us. I don't think a request even hit our boards. Must be some hired help. I do believe the R2 and the ewoks are SCG. We have a trooper with those exact items in his arsenal and his kids handle the two furry death machines. Fun sequence though. I can't believe the judges could criticize a 77 year old Lando with double hip replacement!
  16. Looks like they were drinking heavily on the build.
  17. Have you checked in at the http://southerncaliforniagarrison.com/ forums? There's an armor party today in Ventura (I'm heading to) and one in Brea, CA a bit closer to you tomorrow that Rob posted up. Details on the forum there or you're welcome to PM me.
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