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  1. YAY!!! always exciting to see new armor . Were you overwhelmed when you opened your package? Goodluck on your build, if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Future Legion Member!
  2. DUDE best of luck! have fun with your build.. .
  3. THANKS! yeah I just used those because thats all the material I had at the time but It will be fixed very soon, been modifying it since my first troop on saturday . But thanks again for the tips.
  4. Hey so I got accepted and all but one of the things they suggested to fix is my shoulders.. They are a bit far from my shoulder strap, not sure if you had or have this issue also and how did you fix that. Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks man! Sorry for the late post but umm not not much at all, I cut from the back but not from the top.. I hope it's helpful.
  6. I have had it for like 1 year since I bought it or so, only used it once to test it out and now the LED light won't even turn on. This thing already die? , grrr.. lol. How long are they supposed to last for?
  7. My friend is looking to buy some TK armor, but I am not to sure on what armor is best for a build of 5'6"-5'7", anyone able to chime in and give me some advice? Would greatly appreciate it. I was looking at the ATA armor, not sure how well that is for his build any suggestions?
  8. Requesting 501st access please! Southern California Garrison TK20515 - Jesse Lopez http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=17191
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