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KTK build has begun......


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Hey all just wanted to keep you all updated. I will be starting in on the Kashyyyk Stormtrooper very soon. (waiting on the kit)


I have the lid now... I was not happy with the finish paint job, so I will be starting on re-doing it and upgrade somethings like the u shape neck trim that was on it when I got it. Plus try to make the paint job match to be more consistent the armor. .


Here is the pix from Mason, Will post more pix of the redo soon.....











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thanks for the update Tom. I was really wanting to do this, but I can't think of a trooper who can do it justice better than you!

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thanks for the update Tom. I was really wanting to do this, but I can't think of a trooper who can do it justice better than you!


Thanks Todd, I know you would have done an excellent job as well...... If is looks to drive me crazy :56pullhair: or crazy-er....It may end up on your door step. :smiley-sw013::P

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OK update, Stripped down the lid to have it ready to redo/make sure it matches the armor. I got word that my armor kit will be shipped in the next day or two.... TK boots are on the way as well.


Now looking at the Blaster is something different than any normal E11 from the OT. (kinda like the plain ESB) but without the front sight /muzzle and no t-tracks or vent hole and very small mag house....Almost like a hodge podge of a DL-17 muzzle with the sterling folding stock, tank scope and regular scope rail (which the DL-17 derives from the Sterling) so it could work. Plus the DL-17 was originally an Imperial weapon that the Rebels stole and/or bought off the black market etc...







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OK all, sorry for the delay on this.......As I stated above was not happy with some of the design work that Mason (dashrazor) did (Bad paint job and the lack of/or fake looking indented rectangular design to the back of the helmet (just below the back traps) So I ripped everything apart and start my way ( I do not settle for second best when it comes to my costumes and props)


First, have a look at the way it was originally done (Mason's Work):














Here is what I have done to correct the faux indented rectangular design to the back of the helmet:


Cut out the design:














Added the 3D beveled walls:











Added the back panel and painted the helmet khaki green.












Face Plate had some problems and Mason had done a tape job and glued the areas of the mic tip to try in fix the cracks etc:









I repaired/ corrected the problems (now they are stable)















After repairing and a good clean up, I repainted the face plate to the khaki green.









I painted the helmet the khaki green because of the way the game trooper show it has chipped paint like the ANH/ESB Lids did. I wanted to have the "Battle Wear" to look proper and real (so I will be layering the paint to give it the realistic 3D look of paint chipped off, and not adding it to the paint job after ( no faux here ).



BTW, here are some of the other problems that I faced (helmet had white gaffer tape holding sections together)


I have now properly repaired them all. No pix of the repairs sorry :- ( forgot.....















I have my gasket molding armor kit and TKboots in hand (will be posting/updating on this soon......................)









On another note, I have the DoopyDoos (pipe kit) I bought it instead of the full complete kit, because after looking at the screen grabs of the weapons, the KTK blasters do not look like any normal E11. So I will be making sure mine looks like what is on the screen (game).


Stay tuned.



Have a Happy New!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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On 3/23/2013 at 6:32 AM, W1ckerMan said:

Any further update on this build, I can't wait to see it done (also, any plans to produce a run of lids off the back of the build?- if Mason ok's it obviously)


Sorry for the delay everyone on updates for the KTK. I been busy working My Garrison command staff and making sure my garrsion is going in the correct direction for 2013 and future. :)


Hey Jim,


I am still working on the armor. but the lid it now totally revamped into my likings and what I see in in it from the game.  As for Mason. I hope him the best but have now heard from him in a while.


While ya wait fro the armor pix, here is the all new lid. I redid the paint job from scratch and made should that is has the correct number of tubes stripes correct number of "vent lines" (AKA vertical black stripes) in the back traps (all details are hand painted), battle wear, and wearthering to mactch the style of the KTK in the game.....


If you look at the way is was painted before (By Mason) the lid had faux details and needed some corrections to the trap details and chin.


My all new revamped KTK lid:

















Originally the way it was before I purchased the helmet:












Game screen grab link:  http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/16097-the-kashyyyk-stormtrooper-project/

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Looks much better, heavy weathering too (like a clone) as in the game- very nice, expecially with the extra ANH paint chip details. Nice work


One thing is bugging me though, the visor looks too inset? Did on Mason's original too. From the in-game ref pics it's a shallower return edge like a Phase 2 clone eye slot, probably just over half the depth of the current. The Visor glass should be closer to the surface same as on a clone.


Hope that makes sense

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I think Jim is right.  It looks fine to me as is, but the game references make it seem as if the brow isn't as heavy which has everything to do with the inset nature of the lens.  Amazing revamp though Tom.  This is one to be proud of.

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Sorry Trevor got side tracked on a few things for my Garrison and I had Ewoks attack me at Dragon Con!!!!! Vicious Rabid Creatures!!!!!









 Then a Furry bit me!!!! I got sick from it and became a Walking Dead!!!!!










And tried to Eat Star Wars Author Timothy Zahn!!!.



And our beloved Legion founder





All the while trying to protect Cirque du Soleil 





And being TK Jones and the Raiders of the Tantive IV!!!!






Plus keeping up with my cello playing





OOOOh  and I needed to do my laundry!!!







Plus trying to figure if I am in the Bizzaro World where is would happen?!!?!?!??












I promise ya Trevor this KTK will get done man!!  stay tuned...Same Bat Channel, Same Bat Time!!!





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