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  1. I have not signed in here in a long while as i havent had a TK for a bit and am mostly engulfed in Boba Fett stuff....but i heard this news and i had to come here to say how much of a great guy Terrell was. Iv'e spoken with him countless times about armor, and Star Wars in general and even worked with him for a bit building his kits for members here. I only met him in person once at Celebration V i think it was. He was a true gentleman and it was great to talk with him in person that day. He will be sorely missed in the community. He was by far, one of the great ones. Gone way too soon. Buckets off for a more than great trooper
  2. heh ive personally had the opposite problem..my BUTT was too wide LOL. But ive built armor for folks many times before, i would just heat it up and bend it inward to eliminate what you have there.
  3. i tried acetone to remove some paint from armor once many many moons ago when i was still green...it ruins the armor, keep acetone FAR FAR away from your armor.
  4. have you seen this stuff? I still have yet to try it, but id think it would work better than bondo on plastic. eventually im going to pick some up and try it out.
  5. Ok so i think i got it all covered... Armor/helmet - WTF Blaster - Hyperfirm B grade Holster - Darmin Handplates Karin's authentic, that ive had for like over a year lol Boots - real jodhpurs, black, dying white like the screen used The undersuit i already had, it was one of the last Eastbay ones without the color stitching. Neckseal i already had..i forgot who made it...ive had it for years lol. I have various snaps, clips and strapping/elastic...i think im good Actually..does anyone sell the rubber brow trim and neck trim for the TK helmets? I dont think WTF includes them
  6. Oh NICE! i always loved AP armor! This is a very good thing Cuz, well, i gained a few pounds since i started this trooping thing in 2008 lol.
  7. Thanks Jim! thanks Sam..though i havent been away from trooping, just didnt have a Stormy for a while. I have an ESB Boba Fett, TIE pilot, Gunner and bridge crew
  8. Just because its licensed doesn't mean its accurate. Have you seen the Rubies supreme TK? Licensing has nothing to do with how accurate it is... and also Disney doesn't control the 501st and doesnt make the rules what is clearable, the LMOs and detachment leaders do that. As far as the Anovos being clearable out of the box..id say its just as clearable as any of the other fan made suits, as long as it is assembled properly, and fits you correctly. Basically, just like any other TK suit out there. People have gotten the awful Rubeis cleared as a ROTJ. Took alot of work but its possible. So again, it all depends on the fit/build. EDIT: haha Wyatt beat me to some of my points lol
  9. thanks Terry..this time im not going anywhere lol. You have no idea how upset i was that i had to sell off that last kit...but we were in a jam and unfortunately not having a day job i dont really make enough to cover unexpected bills etc. so it had to go.... BUT here i am...again lol I'll post pics of the brown box when it arrives!
  10. i think that helped tons. Looks much better. Overall i think maybe hey overdid that little bit of wonkyness there... but its not THAT big a deal, especially after seeing what a little trim and touch up paint work can do. I think its fine
  11. Well i had a little wrench in the machine and had to sell the AM2 before i even built it... but thats ok. My buddy Walt hooked me up with a fresh set of the white stuff which will be here very soon..and i can get back on track!
  12. What Karin said! For basic approval though, i dont think it matters, but id try to keep it at an Inch or less
  13. thanks guys...i gotta get some pics up, but i have received my AM2 kit and started the trimming on it. Nothing assembled yet, but i did the rough trimming on everything. Im building an ATA suit for a buddy of mine as well so im trying to do them at the same time. I'll get pics up as soon as i can!
  14. I have the new AM2 kit and everything is much better than the older AM. the chest looks great, back is great, and it has everything you need to do pretty much any build with it. It comes with 2 TD knee plates and 1 TK one. You can do a dengar with the 2 TD knee plates. Mine also came with 2 belt fronts, so you can do ESB and ANH belts and swap them out. Very cool. it also has both style handplates like it always did and also 2 different ab button sections, one thats movie accurate with the buttons molded on and one where you could add your own, im guessing like the ones Vader dave sells or used to sell, i dunno if he still does those. The gauge of the plastic is fantastic, like my old FX but more accurate, i think its .090 and pro pulled so the detail is great and its super shiny! Im pretty sure i could roll down a mountain in this and it not break lol. I also love that the rear of the thighs and shins dont have the raised ridge because i have thicker legs and it was always a challenge to get the backs to look right when they needed to be made bigger. The forearms and biceps are also dont his way which makes it fully adjustable to any size. I think a body builder could make this suit work well for them I was told the 3 piece helmet is done this way because of the structural integrity of the helmet and they wanted to keep that moving forward from the FX helmet. Its not THAT bad really, it definitely yeilds a very very sturdy helmet. It also is trimmed better and now has all the markings to assemble it so it takes alot of the guesswork out of it. Im considering putting white caulking along that seam on the back. It worked pretty well on the frown seam on those MRCE/ EFX lids, i think it may work well for this as well. Now ive been a huge supporter of ATA for a LONG time, and still am, but due to my size this kit just seemed to work better for me. I may swap out the helmet for the 2 piece ATA at some point but honestly this helmet is pretty good. Overall i think this is a great kit especially for us more girthy troopers lol. Its super sturdy and im pretty sure i can get a good few years out of it if not more.
  15. Thanks for the warm welcome back everyone I went with the AM2. I think it'll be a little more comfy rather than squeezing my fat butt in a smaller suit again. Plus i can trim it if...no, WHEN, i lose weight again. lol I actually still have an old E-11 kit of mine here and a bunch of random parts. I also got the ikea metal leg that Maxim used, so i'll likely just build that lol. ...but if i need anything, i'll let ya know Derek!
  16. RS did not have a booth at C7. That booth is sales one, a Star wars licensed jewelry company that a friend of mine is part owner in.
  17. So this was the first detachment i was a part of back in 2008, and last year i decided to officially retire my TK. (i sold my suit to my buddy/garrison mate Eugene aka.. sve5mh)But after attending C7...well, it re-ignited the spark for the TK for me. The new troopers are awesome and i want one of those, but i also need to have a classic TK in my arsenal..again lol. So... new TK armor has been ordered today, and i will soon be back in the TK ranks!
  18. Wow. thats crazy! I wonder why Jane's didnt do that though. Thats crazy man...hope RS will be cool and replace the thigh for ya. Then you can display this as modern art
  19. Pictures would help especially with the placement of the bottoms. The dimples..i honestly forget every time ive built a TK lol
  20. Looks like your off to a good start Ian! Again, i apologize for all the dramas with getting you this kit. Looking forward to how this comes out!
  21. They are more tricky because there is SO much material. But the technique is the same. I just went about it the same way i do the ATA/MTK/AP builds. The 3 pc thing erks me too, but i understand they did it for the sdtrength integrity that FX helmets were known for. So i get why they did it, i just didnt think they really needed to, but hey, its a nice looking helmet that is bigger than the AP/ATA/MTK types. I usually recommend it to people who dont want to upgrade their FX because of size.
  22. the NE is bigger than the standard ATA/AP/MTK etc. Dont know how it compares to RTMod, but i think Locitus is correct in saying they are about the same size. Id recommend RTmod armor for tall folks 6'2" or taller. AM/NE is made more for thicker folks, not really taller.
  23. I need to check this thread more often! lol Thanks for the props guys, im really happy this has helped so many of you, that was the reason i did it Freaknasty... if you havent got this resolved LMK, i'll try and help ya it looks like that ear may still be salvageable!
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