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  1. Looks much better, heavy weathering too (like a clone) as in the game- very nice, expecially with the extra ANH paint chip details. Nice work One thing is bugging me though, the visor looks too inset? Did on Mason's original too. From the in-game ref pics it's a shallower return edge like a Phase 2 clone eye slot, probably just over half the depth of the current. The Visor glass should be closer to the surface same as on a clone. Hope that makes sense
  2. Any further update on this build, I can't wait to see it done (also, any plans to produce a run of lids off the back of the build?- if Mason ok's it obviously)
  3. Looking great, can't wait to see what you do with it (already Jealous)
  4. They seem to 'float' above the shoulder like Clone shoulder bells mate, so ROTJ would be a good start.
  5. I would severely love to add one of these lids to my Collection, love the interim step between Clone & TK. Saw Mason's awesome lid on the newsletter, are these available for order (tried to PM you Mason but it wouldnt allow it?) If so....me want!!!!
  6. One thought. Why are we allowing a Starkiller lightsaber in the CRL? The Lightsaber only appears with these troopers if you play the game using one of these as a 'skin', as such it's a customised character (akin to the Star Wars Galaxies stuff). The 'Canon' Phase 3 TK's are not shown with lightsabers in any of the game sequences proper or cut scenes? Just curious
  7. Looking awesome mate. Would love to see a whole squad of Deathtroopers together at a troop sometime!!
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