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  1. Of course there are great makers and some do have a wait list. Make sure to email each one for how long they expect to turn around kits. During your wait time you can contact Darman here for neck seal and once you get your armor TKittell for a belt. Build up all the small parts like blaster and tkboots, under armor and split rivets Etc etc....
  2. Been there! Troopermaster is going to serve you well! I'm also a former reenactor myself Civil War and WWII. Where are you located and have you contacted your local garrison? They will be more than happy to help you out and when it comes to that "first cut" they will have you at ease and building in no time.
  3. Velcro is a good idea, do you have any foam around the top of your shin to push the sniper plate out? I had the same issue at first but when I put the foam wedge in it stopped the issue.
  4. I say keep it in the holster. Or if you have a spare belt without one attached go with that.
  5. Requesting upgrade to Stormtrooper status please http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=15376&costumeID=124
  6. Yup just got one myself. There is enough room inside to run electronics....and they left a hole in the tip, maybe for an led at some point.
  7. Sorry to dig this up. Can the counter box be removed?
  8. Death trooper kit if you can't get rid of it
  9. It seems to be happening more often. Please my fellow troopers make sure you have handlers http://abialien.tumblr.com/post/64614715125/this-predator-costumer-was-maliciously-assaulted
  10. On Aug 8th 2013 the 70th Explorers Garrison was asked to be apart of Star Wars night at Busch Stadium. This person put together her best TK she could in three hours
  11. I have one of the grab bag sabers and use it as a loner for photos. It's a stunt so I'm not worried about dropping it verses one of the more expensive ones. It really makes the kids smile when they can hold a saber up to a trooper and feel like a Sith or Jedi.
  12. Handlers are your best friends! Use them! While I build my TK I'm handling in my IC kit. My daughter is in training as a handler while we work on her ID. She saw this and got upset and vowed this will never happen on her watch! This could have gone very badly not just for our brother in white but what if a small child had been there? Or a special needs individual? Someone could have been really hurt by this, I hope they follow up on what happens to these *#%+£€¥'s! All three(cameraman too)!
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