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Death Trooper: Not safe for, well, anywhere...


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Hey all, I've been working on my Death Trooper (in secret from ALL of the costuming groups I'm in :P ), on and off since February. It was at that time I acquired a formerly approved TK from someone who was retiring it due to wear-and-tear. Oh darn... it's a little dirty and beat up, right?! Perfect for my needs. B)


I took my app pics this afternoon, but can't apply until I get approved with my Imperial Staff Officer... which I also took pics of today. If I understand it all corectly, I contact my Garrison GML. Send them pics and info for review. If they sign off on it, I fill out the actual on-line app on the 501st parent site. Repeat the process for my Death Trooper, then come in here to see if I masure up to get into the FISD. Sound right?





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You're sort of correct. Although you're welcome here with our without costume. The only difference is that once you have an approved costume you can see some more sections on the forum and apply for EIB and Centurion.


So welcome and good luck with your death trooper. :)

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Welcome to the Darkside!! Maybe in your case, the Very Darkside!! Definitly browse the Section for the Deathtrooper and good luck with your project.

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Almost perfect, chop off a little bottom corner of the cheek tube and GAME ON!!!! :D


haha it's beautiful, now how do we get those Aloha Admin slackers to add it... (j/k)

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My Death Trooper:


Q. How did your Stormtrooper die?

A. Technically, he died when his squad was investigating a derelict ship, and was exposed to the Blackwing Virus. Shortly after boarding, they were in turn ambushed by a group of Rebels that had followed them to the derelict ship. The Rebel’s fate is unknown… However, my trooper received his visible wound from a defensive backhand Lightsaber strike, entering the abdomen from the right side. A slightly upward stroke, exiting to the left. This opened up the belly cavity, allowing the intestines to work their way out of the body’s greater omentum (intestinal sack, caul fat) as he stumbled along. This membrane is supplied by the gastroepiploic vessels, fed from the celiac trunk resulting in a significant bleed out.



Q. How long ago did your Stormtrooper die?

A. Not too long ago. Having his body not know it’s dead, allowed him to bleed out more than a “living†person could. As the intestines worked their way out of the body, they began to apply force against the diaphragm, and with more time, to pull the lung lobes apart. As the internal organs began to tear apart, blood filled the lungs and began to expectorate through his breathing filters.



Q. What has your zombie been doing lately?

A. One time he was knocked down and landed on the carcass of an X-Wing pilot being devoured by other Troopers. His hand locked onto the body’s spine, and cannot physically let it go… so he carries it with him now. (He has yet to name it…)



























Hard to photograph, but here it is in total darkness...













This costume will never be worn "in public". I focused on details that would be well received from the Horror community. Elements that that audience would already have been exposed to. Something to live up to their level of gore expectation at a specific “horror†convention, Zombie event or First-Responder training scenario.




The Biuld:


The entire kit was repaired, cleaned, shimmed (to fit me) and primed back to matte white. A light brown was dusted around the lower edges, followed by white again to knock it down a little. “Sand†color was added around all the edges with an olive color misted over the entire kit, a little darker over where the sand color was.


I still had the paint I’d mixed up to do the intestines1. It had dried out a little, so I scraped down the dried sides of the container and stirred it really good. This left tiny chunks and flakes in the mix, that would simulate RBC’s and platelets coming together. Then added some additional binder to thin it out till the flow looked right.


The kit was assembled so the logical flow of blood could be mapped out. Paths of blood flow were first applied, followed by some minor spatters and speckles to break it up visually. Then drops and drips were added that would have hit as he stumbled along. Once that was dry, I added a second less agressive flow on top of the first area, then a third. This built up the texture and darkened areas nicely.


All of the open areas (sans brown and sand paint, and blood) were given a further dusting of Glow-in-the-Dark paint, to knock down the olive a little, and to provide a surprise effect in low light or in blacklight environments.


After drying overnight, a matte clear coat was applied, then a satin clear coat to provide some random sheen. Gloss was sprayed on the larger bloody areas.



1 Intestines: The intestines took almost two months just on their own. This was a design battle. The first concept was for “loopageâ€. I started with some ¾â€ ethafoam rod, first coated in FlexiBond glue (same as Aaliens Tacky Glue), but didn’t have the effect I was looking for. Then I dipped it in raw natural latex. Bingo! Flexible, and really strong so it won’t tear. Peeled up the dribbles and stuck them to the surface as fatty deposits and dipped a second time. That was my proof-of-concept. Then I located some 1†diameter latex surgical tubing. Did the same thing, but now it was a consistent color. Ran a small diameter ethafoam rod inside so it wouldn’t kink when the loops bent.


Finally, full evisceration was the visual goal. I used Great Stuff expanding window foam to “draw†loops of intestines on a plastic sheet. As it was curing, I put a small pillow underneath to have it set in a slight curve. This product is very fragile… as it’s just foam, and that’s where I was experimenting with the latex. I gave it two days to fully cure and vapor-off, then dipped it in the latex and hung to cure. After two coats, I mounted a piece of muslin to the top, back edge, that I would use to attach it to the back of the belt liner. Then applied some peeled up dribbles , and dipped a third and final time. Left to cure for at least three days.


I mixed up three colors of paint (Rosco theatrical acrylic). The first was fleshy ground-beef pink from Deep Red. That went on first and let dry for a day. The second color was a darker “beef-jerky†tone, made by mixing Deep Red with Burn Sienna. Again allowed to dry for a day. It was very matte at this point. The last was the second color, mixed with a gloss urethane. This is where art/magic happen… I brushed it on quickly and thickly. Then took paper towels, and rubbed it off in some spots back down to the raw latex. The wet paint reactivated the under coats to an extent, and rubbed off of larger smooth surface areas. Special attention was given to revealing as much of the fatty-deposit areas as possible. Some of the dry undercoat held tight and looked just like dried/flaky schmeckus. For the win!


If anyone is interested, I can post WIP pics of the intestines…

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After working on half-dozen new costumes, I decided to get back to this one.  Worn it to one or two Zombie Walks, but with Rhode Island Comic Con around the corner, I felt it was time to wrap it up and get it off the bench.  Well Idid, and it was approved over the weekend.  B)

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After working on half-dozen new costumes, I decided to get back to this one.  Worn it to one or two Zombie Walks, but with Rhode Island Comic Con around the corner, I felt it was time to wrap it up and get it off the bench.  Well Idid, and it was approved over the weekend.  B)


Give us pictures!! I just might make it to RICC this year with my DT so we can shuffle along together. DTsmile.jpg

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I hate to be the picky one but a lightsaber cut wouldn't be frayed at the edges, as it is a plasma type weapon, it heats to cut. It would not leave blood or frayed edges. Just a perfect smooth cut and cauterized edges, non bloody edges.


Maybe it was cut open with a vibroaxe or something :D

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Okay, then explain the alien's arm during the cantina scene in ANH  :laugh1:


Yeah, I always disagreed with that scene.


Look at Lukes hand in ESB, clean cut, no blood.

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Since I've aged and distressed the kit, from the original concept, I'll have to update my backstory. 


Perhaps make a vibroaxe as if it's broken off and stuck in my belly??


Since it may be just a once a year costume, I'll probably leav it as-is though.  I need to get my SL up to specs, then start work on my "still alive" TK in the Spring.  ;)

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