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  1. You guys know that I've made TFA helmets and TLJ Helmets. The TFA that was designed by Roy Gilsing was a work of art and really as close as I've ever seen to the screen used prop. The TLJ offering I had was much less so. It was a great helmet but it had some issues. I've had a look at the files and renders of this helmet from Dino and I can say without a doubt it's the best helmet you will find without paying your first born. The construction will tkae the hardest part of finishing these helmets and make it easy. Just paint the separate colors, done I think this TLJ helmet will be the best available and the absolute helmet to have. I'm already lining up for mine.
  2. After a long time out, I've been able to get some help and will again start offering the ANH E11 kits based on castings of my expertly cleaned (thanks @usaeatt2 !!!) parts. Casting is currently ongoing. The kit is all based on a CNC machined 38.1OD Aluminium tube made especially to be as accurate as possible while taking into account this is for replica, and not a real functioning Sterling. My original sales thread is now archived but if you want to see some history: Many molds needed to be redone as they were showing their age and this is still ongoing and I expect to have these finished in the next few weeks. Straight from the casting floor. Once I"m ready I will reopen a new sales thread and let people access a sign up link. Kits will be shipping within 2 weeks of order and orders will go out in waves, so there will be no long waiting list or line between payment and shipment. MTFBWY
  3. Nicely finished helmet!!! One small suggestion, stand back 6 feet or so and zoom in on the helmet. Right now it looks very very crazy from distortion
  4. I feel certain they are the same satin coloration. But this is based purely on the game render we have. If you see the circled areas, the light reacts the same on both of these parts, it's highlighting a raised surface, lightening the black. In the rest of the photos we see, the teeth are so dark, as to not stand out, which makes me feel like these are black, otherwise, we would see them much more obvious in the promo photos that are around.
  5. What I can say about the 3 fan made helmets, without being biased (since mine is one of them). The BSP looks very soft all over. The Phoenix props is only a render so hard to say The Jimmi helmet seems wide at the bottom, and has no mesh on the cheeks. It's really hard to say at this moment since we have a very limited number of angles of all of the helmets and the TLJ references to know which of the ones has the right lines in the right places. I'm glad to be a part of the various 501st groups and having had a long history with them. It helps me to provide the best product I can to the community from within the community.
  6. Hi guys, I really appreciate the constructive criticism and look forward to you haveing these in your hand and more reference photos in different angles to give them another look, and see where we sit then.
  7. The design is finished, the print is done. It's on the way to me in a couple days, so I should have the first casting in about 2-3 weeks max. @The5thHorseman good tip. I had the angle changed slightly as you can see in the render to straighten the curve a little. The photos we've seen there is a very small curve but it wasn't as exaggerated as the one I had, so it was changed. Now it's too late, any changes will be post processing. I will say this, there are some details that my helmet has that no others currently on the market have. Some details that are barely visible, and some details that are not visible on any photos we have yet, but that I know through "sources" that are there. If you're interested in being one of the first owners of this helmet, send me a PM.
  8. Wow, thats a lot of work to make it fit right... looks great when done though! MAybe time to search for a better base/positioned mannequin to log everything on
  9. Can you draw on what you mean by the curve? For the brow I thought about this a few time myself, but I think it's caused because of the colors and how the red makes the details much more visible where as black tends to disappear. The brow is exactly the same height/thickness as the TFA ones.
  10. Nearly there and done. Going to raise up and uncurve the 4 helmet clips, get it prototyped and ready for casting.
  11. How am I doing? Just going to raise the profile of the 4 clips and it's done.
  12. Interesting photo, it looks off for some reason, but on at the same time. Lenses look flat, rest of the details match.
  13. Thanks Alan! The model should go final early this week. Then it's time for prototyping.
  14. There is a major change to the model coming, I'll let the anticipation build.
  15. Nice update. I'm also going to make a special deal for those who have ordered a helmet from me before, a discount once these are up for sale.
  16. Hi Robert! Yes, these things are something we're working on tweaking. We will give more space between the nose plate and the frown, level out the greeblies, modify the shape of the cheek trap block. the mesh was done completely different last time, it was modeled as a separate part and added on before molding. It caused a lot of headaches for me and many others. The V2 helmet tackled this better but still wasn't the best solution. This time the mesh is modeled into the helmet and will also flow under the nose plate as the originals did. Since we haven't seen any high res versions of these photos (which is odd, considering the photos of all the face characters and guards recently released), but we have to see if they have followed the same method as last time with the mesh, or if they have a hard line where it ends at the nose plate. We even don't know if the nose plate has the same vents, so hopefully we will get some better photos soon so I can add them into the preprocssing, vs post processing.
  17. Incase you didn't see this recent render is missing the nose plate as well
  18. Wonder how many people have seen this post... Here is an image of the progress with some mesh At the moment here are some major changes due: Nose plate is to deep, need to pull it back up a touch. Clips need to be flush, not sticking up Mesh needs to show between the teeth. Overall still a WIP and I"m open to ANY thoughts on the design, to improve it and ensure it's as accurate as we can get it.
  19. Right on Ben, glad to have you interested! I've learned a lot since I started with my first helmet in TFA, and you'll see this in the resulting TLJ Helmets!
  20. So As I spoke about in the first look thread, I'll be putting together the TLJ trooper helmets as I did with the TFA helmets. The way I work is to not rush a product out before it's accurate enough. I'm not interested in getting a product done to capitalize on the craze and cash in with a helmet that needs to be updated multiple times. When I produce this it will be as close as I'm able to get it to screen accurate. I think that right now we have enough details to do this, and I'm planning to be able to offer these helmets towards the end of September, well in time for TLJ premier. I will also offer these as kits and finished versions, with the same pricing structure as my TFA helmets. It is very early in the process and I will be posting updates as they come. Currently we're building a new model based on the photos we currently have, the knowledge of the TFA original props and photos we're seen so far from TLJ. Here are a couple very very first draft, rough shapes. And a little smoother: More to come as we progress. ======================= UPDATE ===================== Open offering starting soon, private preorders up at www.phoenixprops.net for a limited discount.
  21. The last trooper is an execution trooper and has a different paint job. The black on the end of the stripe of black paint also this photo is mirrored. You can see because the mictip is shown here to be in the right side but we know it's normally in the left. They did a ton of mirrored photos for rogue 1, not sure if it was because it looked better or to set us down the wrong paths...
  22. The biggest changes In TLJ so far that I know is the nose piece, teeth, mesh area (due to teeth) and the latches are level and not sticking out. There might be some additional symmetry issues, or something on the back we haven't seen but I don't think this will be the case.
  23. Really have to sort through and fix my links from Photobucket. At least the most important ones. Here are some photos of my TFA helmet.
  24. So, I'm working on this version right now. If anyone would like to have some thought in the process, send me a PM. Renders should be starting available in about a week or so. Once i have this I will also setup a new WIP thread. The goal ail is to have as accurate a replica as the TFA helmet I produced. Some of my early casting problems won't be here because I'm learned a lot about the casting process since then.
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