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Rs Prop Masters ABS build with the HDPE helmet [*RS]

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Thanks guy's most appreciated.


I've finished painting the armour and I plan on weathering it Tantive IV style, but 1st I have a few things to finish off.






and I redid the neck trim witch caused more paint to flake off.The paint seems to be stuck on pretty good unless the plastic is flexed.



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Not that it will help you now but there is an aditive that you can mix with paint to help with flexing, it is used mostly on plastic car bumpers, may help someone out in the future.

Looking good, I don't think I have seen many armors painted, well done :jc_doublethumbup:

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Realy nice suit,fit's you very well. :duim:

The ears on the helmet looks alittle bit big.. or is it only me who see this ?

Also it seems that you switched the templates for the tube stripes and paint them mirrored.




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Thanks Stefan,Though its my mannequin wearing the armor not me,I wish the armour did fit that well.I have been dieting over the last 4weeks but I still need to lose about 10kg's to reach my goal weight,Maybe then it will look that good on me.

As for the ears, that's how the RS ears are.Trim them any more and you and up with gaps.

It looks like your right about my tube stripes though,but there not mirrored.I spent a fair bit of time studying tube strips at "Starwarshelmets.com" and I cant believe I still phucked them up :56pullhair::laugh1:.I'll try and redo the 1st strip as it seems to be the only one with the major slant.


Thanks for pointing that one out. ;)

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Cause of the ears.

Well the real one also has gaps, as nearly each screen used i have seen.



So i would say it's normal. But it's a matter of taste,most important is that you like the look how it is.


Cool mannequin, which one is it? This thing looks very realsitic.

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Looks great, I have been following this thread for months.


It helped me decide to buy an untrimmed pvc RS myself and tackle a Movie accurate build. Your documentation and help was most appreciated!


Here I am with my first suit up in ESB style. This thread was an HUGE help in my first build. Anything you see right probably came from reading here, anything you see wrong is all my fault :P I Look forward to your finalized Suit!



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That's right its not completed and I do have to fix those things as well as a few other things.

Thanks for noticing .

But it really is a stunning and beautiful spot on build! :jc_doublethumbup:

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