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  1. Thanks for all your warm hearted posts, love back at ya I have two new fully loaded RS kits here, as one Stormtrooper and one Sandtrooper. I aim these two to be keepers, when they are assembled, i will go for deployment here on FISD. Heres a pics of my two new kits from RS: 1,5mm ABS top sharp details: Heres a pics of the two new RS kits, and the now assembled RS Stormtrooper/shipped out yesterday, and also the sold assembled RS Sandtrooper: Troop on and hugs from here brother´s
  2. Thanks trooper i hear you, but this suit is assembled and measure to fit the owner. Plus many of the ANH armor parts do not have a straight platform going straight for the strips, so there will all ways be a little platform aside of the strips here and there. Many on the fan made body armor parts have a more straight platform made for the strips, but not ANH parts all the way. Here you go
  3. Hi brother´s, thanks for all your kind and lovely posts. Makes me happy here. Heres a few more pics from today all suit up. Here you go (i have not add the leather gun holster as its not in the kit)
  4. I have just finished assembled a RS Stormtrooper for a friend, and just wanna show a few pics of it. This is not the best indoor pics, i will try to take some new ones, maybe all suit up before i ship it out. I have give the suits a few black marks here and there whit some black rubber. Here you go
  5. Just got mine as well, works and sounds just right
  6. Great progress, keep up the good work. The mighty RS looks good on you as well
  7. Here a few pics of my e-11 from them, still need to assemble the dlt-19
  8. I got both a dlt-19 and e-11 from them whit no problem, got them all most the same week i payed them, but that was around 2 years ago.
  9. One more, your new TM ANH hero suit here looks freaking fantastic!!! bro Top class armor, spot on Enjoy your new piece of art. Troop on
  10. I got two of them and love them. -------------
  11. Great helmet and topic, congrats on the helmet, looks sweet!!!
  12. Congrats whit your new piece of art here Mr. Wayne, looking freaking beautiful. Enjoy and have fun whit him
  13. Thanks bro. I have follow your topic as well, as i also have a RS Stormtrooper kit here, and will assembled it soon, plus you got great skills as well assembling these baby´s for inspire others RS owners. Keep up the good work, all most there
  14. I value the positive feedback on him, thanks from here troop´s I will return whit my RS Stormtrooper in a few month, and start building it there, post pics etc on the forum.
  15. Fantastic armor, a pure beauty. Maybe trim the biceps a bit smaller. Enjoy your master piece
  16. Heres the link http://www.google.dk/imgres?q=back+to+the+future&num=10&hl=da&biw=1440&bih=802&tbm=isch&tbnid=wjJL0t-cyfKejM:&imgrefurl=http://blog.dlvr.it/2010/07/social-media-time-travel-schedule-posts-for-future-delivery/&docid=RGu0rPF_3EXc_M&imgurl=http://blog.dlvr.it/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/back-to-the-future2.jpg&w=600&h=450&ei=6t8CUNH0MojhtQbgtvSKBg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=399&vpy=119&dur=1315&hovh=194&hovw=259&tx=171&ty=132&sig=105949272378886556351&page=3&tbnh=143&tbnw=193&start=63&ndsp=31&ved=1t:429,r:13,s:63,i:312 Thanks for all the positive reply´s as well on him
  17. Thanks bro, i think i have lost track my self, but i think i have done around 5 TK suits, and 10 TD suits over time.
  18. Love back at ya trooper bro´s, thanks for all your warm and kind reply´s, i truly value it a lot. All ways nice whit a good feedback of ones work, and the shoulder clap makes you wanna keep on trying to go even deeper into being even more accurate. We freaks all ways have a small thing here and there to look into, but thats what this hobby is all about i guess A small thing. The indoor shots made the pauldron look red a like, but its perfect orange in real life
  19. What a great looking helmet Wayne, keep up the good work. You are doing great
  20. I have test both the 1,5mm pvc and the 1,5mm abs from RS, and i also think as TM point out here. The 1,5mm abs are way stronger. If you bend the pvc, it get a deep line like paper, and crack off more easy then the abs you have to bend many more times before crack off a piece. The abs are thicker, and only get a whiter shade to the plastic, while the pvc gets a deeper cut line or bumps in the plastic. The pvc are a bit more flex a like, but when you have assemble the complete armor, there are not many parts to flex as shins, legs, bicep, arms etc are lucked. I guess mostly the chest and shoulder might move a bit more vs. the abs. One more thing, the humbrol paint holds way stronger to the abs vs. the pvc when you scratch it when its dry as well. But thats just me, i guess we all fall in love in different things, but i say 1,5mm RS ABS is the best choice, plus the screen accurate used plastic as well
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